Okay so for those who don't know, i was a HUUUGE Rave Master fan, and my favorite character Was Sieg Hart. It's kinda funny though because when i first watched fairy tail (i watched the anime before reading the manga) when i saw jellal or in this case siegrain in the first opening i was like, ooo a wannabe sieg hart, he better not sully his greatness. so in the beginning i was kinda mehh about him but episode 4 i think where he's first introduced as evil by erza he started to intrigued me like "hmm what is his relation to erza,? why is this man evil? is he powerful? is he going to be one of the major antagonists of the series?". All these questions doeventually get answered. So series goes along, you go through the galuna arc, and its made clear he isn't one of the good guys since he wanted to use deliora for his own gain, and then fast forward to the Phantom Lord Arc, Erza and Gray talk about the ten wizard saints being the 10 strongest wizards on the CONTINENT picked by the magic council at Lucy's house and gray explain how makarov and jose are member, but then erza in her mind shows the siegrain himself is a member! once i saw the feats makarov and jose pulled off in their fight, now i'm like "wow this siegrain guy must be seriously OP to be on par with these powerhouses i must see more of this guy"! little did i know i'd get my wish granted because lookie here spoilers for the next arc in the third opening where a man who looks exactly like siegrain is fighting (and seemingly overpowering the FT gang). they then show the flashback with this jellal fellow who's apparently siegrain's twin, and he was pretty cool, after he got possessed its shown that he has the killer intent when he blew that dude up, but i was like whatever because i'm interested in this siegrain guy. you can imagine my reaction when to my surprise Jellal and Siegrain were the SAME PERSON! When i figured out siegrain was a thought projection that was a portion of his magic power i was even more amazed. I'm gonna pause a minute because alot of people scoff at this because it was never stated how much magic power the though projection took up, so i'm going to paint a quick picture because either way it works out in his favor

-If the thought projection only took 25% (unlikely), then jesus christ this guy is one of the strongest people in the continent at 1/4th of his total power!!

-if the thought projection took 1/2 of his power (more likely), then same as the first he is on par with makarov and jose with half of his magic power! not as impressive as the first obviously but still pretty damn impressive

-If the thought projection took up 75% of his magic power (Most likely) then its still amazing that he is on par with those 2 at less than full power, but that would meam Jellal's true self was able to hold off erza at only 1/4th of his magic power! and it was made clear that erza is implied to be one of the most powerful wizards in FT behind Laxus and Mystogan (i won't even get started with him, it's quite obvious why mystogan cracks my top 5 faves)

Mind you they don't state people's ages in the anime, but my curious self went to the wikia page and found out that Jellal frikkin Fernandes is only 19. at 19 years old, this S.O.A.B is ALREADY one of the ten wizard saints! makarov praised jose for being strong at his "young age", i can just imagine what he would say about Jellal's power since he is CLEARLY younger than jose. At that moment Jellal instantly shot up several ranks in my favorite's list coz i LOVE the OP, young, pure talent prodigy type characters (itachi in naruto, zeno and brago in zatch bell, cell saga gohan dbz, you get the point)

So it became clear to me that Jellal would be a worthy successor to Sieg Hart's greatness, now i just needed feats/hype, and boy did i get some!

-Jellal casually beating down natsu while holding back as not to destroy the tower, grand chariot is sick, i know now that this is one of his more base spells, but the big dipper formation it makes when it hits the ground was awesome.

-jellal casts altairis, a spell hyped to kill natsu and/or erza upon impact. this spell does in fact kill simon (making jellal one of only 8 people (zeref, future rougue, jackal, tempesta, cobra, juvia, and minerva) to actually kill someone on screen. Idk if they actually show tempesta killing someone on screen, but i'll keep him there just to be safe.

-jellal even after getting pummelled by dragon hax natsu is able to cast the freakin Abyss Break spell, a spell that was hyped to destroy magnolia, or in his case the whole tower of heaven in mere seconds whereas it would've took several minutes for phantom to cast it. This also showed that jellal is a master in fire, water, wind, and earth magic. plot saves natsu's ass though as a wound that didn't bother him throughout the whole fight miraculously prevents him from casting the spell.

-then jellal after being freed from his possession saves the ft gang and tanks ETHERION (even though dragon hax natsu fucked him up) in what really should have killed him -in a flashback jellal still 12 years old, casts self-destruct and casually blows up a big ass fcking mountain. when i saw that i was like "WTFF this dude was already S class level when he was 12?!"

-fights jura a man hyped to be the strongest wizard in fiore while using borrowed magic (which he probably only just recently learned since he only just learned about Mystogan when he decided to join fairy tail B) and when he started using his own magic, started putting jura on the ropes, he was honestly about to kick his ass when he had he not been RUDELY interrupted by frikkin Ultear (though i love Ul she is such a badass), which leads to his final and most impressive feat

-defeats 4 members of the oracion seis by himself with the legendary sema whereas it took FT a whole arc to beat them once, and another arc to beat them again. (you can argue that the 2nd time isn't canon as it was anime only, but angel does use the magic from the second arc, and all the characters have the 7 year gap look)

(If sema is really as mashima said and is straight out of shakuma raregroove's playbook, then jellal can do a METEOR SHOWER and he only dropped one because that was enough to get the job done.. now i know how all those dark guilds got taken out over the years, that's probably why jellal would have been exposed since that sema spell probably has notoriety in the magic world as the spell that wipes out dark guilds)

-Sema is extremely powerful and arguably one of the most destructive spells shown in the entire series, but having said that i don't think this is his strongest spell. (this is mere conjecture on my end, but sema is classified as a "true heavenly body magic spell" which could mean jellal has several more spells of this caliber or greater in his repertoire)

Long story short jellal is more than worthy of being the sieg hart of the ft verse (though sieg hart would most definitely be able to take jellal down if they ever faced off)

However, it wasn't just his overwhelming power that garnered my respect for him, i loved his personality and growth. i know alot of yall don't like the emo sad character, but in jellal's case i like it, because even though he's this super powerful mage that can drop meteors and blow up mountains at a whim, but he is still very human. He is introduced as a brutally evil villain who enjoys crushing people who get in his way, but after being freed from the darkness, he becomes perhaps the most righteous, self-less, and pure-hearted character in the show, so much so that he gains praise from mavis herself and drives to rid the entire world of darkness. his character kind of reminded me of gaara from naruto, gaara was a sadistic ball of evil that took joy in killing his opponents, but after naruto frees him from the darkness, he becomes one of naruto's greatest allies and is stated as having one of the purest hearts in the show.

Everyone is entitled to their opinion so its only natural that i'm entitled to mine, but there's no doubt in my mind that Jellal will be probably the most important and maybe the most powerful ally towards the end of the fairy tail series. I just hope that Hiro learned his lesson in rave as i've heard he regretted killing sieg off in rave master, and lets jellal live his life and bone Scarlet till they have about a dozen purple haired kids running around requipping and meteoring their way around their house ^.^


Well anyways, there's my first blog, lemme know what you think. the good, the bad, and pretty much whatever you have on your mind that could be jellal related :)

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