I'll put up a blog once a week or whenever i feel like it. the blogs i make are about things that are always bugging me and this is one of them.

I have been going through a lot of old forums and a topic about Tenrou Island,

who would fight Ultear.

there was a lot of talking and people saying who they think would fight her here are the ones who they think could fight her

Gray Reason: because she is Ur's daughter and working for the enemy (Grimoire Heart) plus during the fight he wanted to know what made her hate her mom.

Lyon Reason same as Gray's.

Jellal Reason she is the one who f**ked up his life. and there is something i have been wanting to know for a long time how did Jellal take it? he had to know that he is working with the same person who messed up your life.

Erza Reason: because she is the who f**ked up her boyfriend's life.

i know this old and it's over but i want to know who did you think would fight Ultear. i want to put up polls but i don't know how sorry :(

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