Hello baby!! this is me you're host, Milky, and welcome to the first truth or dare! thank you all for the lovely comments and the lovely dares to the cast. can i get more truths next time ok thanks!

Sora: So these dares...

Milky: Yes these dares are great ways to tor- i mean for you guys to have fun. won't this be great?

Jellal: *in a bored voice* yay.

Milky: SO LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!! WITH AnonymousAK from Fairy Tail Wiki.

Dare Natsu to bitch slap Erza.

Lisanna gets in her Cat takeover, and Lucy dresses up like a cat. and then engage in a CATFIGHT!!!

Milky: That's his/her words.

Natsu: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i do that i will get killed.

Milky: Well you can skip it-

Natsu: YES!

Milky: But..

Tiz: But what?

Milky: If you choose not to do the dare, then you will have to go into the room.

Ringabel: What room? and what are the ladies there like?

Edea: Shut up Ringabel.

Milky: Ringabel, how did you know about the fanboys fangirls and haters rooms?

Ringabel: Say what?

Milky: Yes, the room is filled with all of your fangirls and haters.

Jellal: I have fans? I've always known i have haters, but fangirls??!!!!


Riku: If there is a dare i have to do, i do the dare i will not face my fan boys girls haters whatever!

Milky: So Natsu, what will it?

Natsu: uhhh Oh!!!!! the dare.

Milky: Good luck!

Natsu: *Walks over to Erza* Erza?

Erza: Yes?

Natsu: *Slaps Erza on the face*

Erza: Natsu!!!!!!!!!!!

Natsu: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Milky: Well they seem busy. Let's move on, Lucy get into that cat costume, Lisanna get in your cat take over now, and engage in a cat fight!

Lucy and Lisanna: Your enjoying this too much.

Milky: Maybe.

Lucy: *dresses up in the cat outfit*

Lisanna: *Transforms to a cat*

Lucy: Now what?

Milky: Now what? NOW WHAT??!!! Now you two are to engage to a CAT FIGHT!!!! Meow.

Cana: Place your bets on the winner!

Milky: Wait Cana?!! when did- oh forget it.

Lucy and Lisanna: *Starts scratching each other*

Agnes: So that is a cat fight, I always wonder why they call it a cat fight.

Edea: You really don't know much, do you?

Ringabel: Well Agnes, The reason they call it a cat fight is because-

Edea: That's enough out of you, Ringabel.

Tiz: So, who do you think will win?

Ringabel: Both are lovely ladies, i will root for them both.

Edea: And there is the Ringabel we all know and love.

Sora: I think Lucy will win.

Riku: Are you kidding? Lisanna will win.

Kairi: Is it ok to say it will be a tie?

Happy: Aye i think it will be tie too.

Frosch: Fro agrees.

Jellal: It will be a tie both girls will pass out from too much fighting.

Meredy: No way, Lisanna will win!

Wendy: I think Lucy san will win. I'm sorry Lisanna!

Gray: i don't know who to root for.

Cana: Have you decided the winner?

Everyone: Yes!

Milky: well let's who will win!

*One hour later*
*Lucy and Lisanna both pass out*

Milky: AND IT'S A TIE!!!!!!!!!

Jellal: I knew it.

Kairi: I know.

Happy: Aye:

Frosch: Fro thinks so too.

Milky: Now let's move on with *Sighs* Real Godisme from Fairy Tail Wiki.

I dare you to leave the wiki forever

Milky: Agnes can you say it please.

Agnes: Unacceptable.

Milky: Thank you. now go make out with Tiz.

Tiz and Agnes * Starts blushing*

Milky: hehehehe! MOVING ON WITH Tom13 from KH13.

I dare Natsu to seduce Sora, and make out with him even if he doesn't want to.

And I dare Erza to kiss Riku like a boss.

Natsu: *Comes back beaten up*

Milky: Erza beaten you up reallllllllll good huh?

Natsu: Shut up. at least i can't do the dare!

Milky: Wrong! Agnes if you mind.

Agnes: Sure. Curada!

Natsu: Hey i'm healed are you some sort of witch?

Milky: No Agnes is just the Vestal of Wind (and Tiz's future wife)

Tiz: What?

Milky: Nothing! Natsu do the dare and Make out Sora!

Natsu: Forget it! i'm taking the room!

Milky: Are you sure?

Natsu: Yes *Enters the room of all his fan boys girls and haters*

Milky: 3 2 1

Natsu: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wendy: Poor Natsu san.

Carla: Well he decided on the room, nothing we could do.

Wendy: I know. I don't want to enter that room, so i will do whatever dares they throw at me.

Milky: Next dare, Erza kiss Riku.

Riku: WHAT?!?!?!

Erza: All right *Kisses Riku like a boss*

Jellal: *Looks at Riku with an angry look*

Erza: How was that?

Milky: Good job, now we head to the last dare by an Anonymous user from Fairy Tail Wiki.

Make Natsu make out with Sting, Laxus with Jellal, and Rogue with me xD

For girls, naaaah -.- or just Wendy to bitch slapped Erza and Mira. :))))

Milky: That's it

Natsu: *Comes back beaten up again and talks in a weakly voice* i am never doing that again.

Milky: Well you have another dare.

Natsu: I will do it...

Milky: You have to make out with Sting :D

Natsu: Fine...

Milky: Linda get me Laxus Mira Sting and Rogue!!!

Linda: Chao *k*

Everyone: .....

Milky: That is Linda, a chao and she is the reason i found all you guys.

Edea: Found us? or kidnapped us?

Milky: But there is "somethings" wrong with her.

Sora: and that is?

Milky: First:she is very dumb

Linda: Chao chao chao chao!!!! *Why won't this door open!!!!!*

Agnes: *Unlocks the door*

Linda: Chao chao * thank you*

Milky: Second: whatever she touches will either burst into flames or explode.


Milky: Don't worry, if we hear that a town exploded or burst to flames that means Linda was there.

Linda: Chao chao *I'm back*

Milky: Ah you got them?

Linda: uh huh! Chao chao chao *They are in this sack*

Milky: Good job. *Opens the sack*

Laxus: Where are we?

Milky: Welcome to Truth or Dare!!

Mira: Truth or Dare? sound like fun!

Sting: Oh god.

Frosch: Rogue!!

Rogue: Frosch! there you are.

Lecter: Where did you go?

Frosch: Fro got lost, Fro went to Fairy Tail, Then Fro saw black, and now Fro is here!

Milky: It was going to be just Team Natsu Gajeel Levy Juvia Jellal Meredy and the cats. But Linda caught both Frosch and Cana as well.

Cana: So far, Natsu keeps getting beat up, Lucy and Lisanna had a cat fight, some jerk wanted Milky to leave forever, Erza Kissed that hot guy *points to Riku* Jellal was angry, and Milky here, sent a thing called a Chao named Linda to get you guys. oh and she can make anything explode if she touches it.

Rogue: we were in the sack and she touched it.

*The sack burst to flames*

Laxus: Luckly we were not in there anymore.

Milky: Back to dare. Natsu make out Sting.

Sting: WHAT??!!?!!?

Natsu: Do it or go into the room. please don't go into the room!!

Sting: Ok *Makes out with Natsu*

Milky: Laxus you and Jellal are to do the same

Laxus: Great. *Makes out with Jellal*

Milky: Rogue you are to make with the sender.

Rogue: All right. *Makes out with the Anonymous user*

Milky: Now Wendy, you are too bitch slap Erza and Mira or go into the room.

Wendy: I will do the dare. *Walks up to Erza and Mira and slaps them on the face* I'm sorry!!! it was part of the dare!!

Erza: It's ok Wendy. huh that must be why Natsu slapped me early, i was fool Wendy slap me again!

Wendy: No.

Milky: That is it for the first Truth or Dare. and for next week i will have a guest here! this guest is good friend of mine. and i will have new guests every week and they will send there own dares won't this be fun?

Everyone: Yay.

Milky: Anyway see you all next week!!!

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