Hello baby! It's been awhile huh? I haven't made a blog in a year (you get the joke) so the point in this blog is going to be about the current arc in the FT manga (if you are a anime only watcher I suggest you leave cuz there is spoilers) and the fights that have been going on. the top 10 in which you feel were good fights.

Here are mine.

10 Sting and Rogue vs Jiemama (chapter 408-409)

9 Juvia vs Keith (chapter 390-394)

8 Mirajane vs Sayla (chapter 375-381)

7 Gray vs Silver (chapter 390-392)

6 Natsu and Lucy vs Franmalth (chapter 374-380)

5 Wendy vs Ezel (chapter 374-377)

4 Gageel vs Torafusa (chapter 396-397)

3 Lucy vs Tartarus (chapter 383-386)

2 Igneel vs Acnologia (chapter 400-ongoing)

1 Jellal vs the Oraciòn Seis (chapter 365-369)

What were yours?

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