Hello it is me Milky or Milky chan or whatever the **** you want to call me, anyway I have this thought stuck in me head for awhile and i want to get it out.

How will part 3 of the Tartarus Arc will end? If I recall from what Hiro said was.

Thank you for the thoughts and comments for this week's chapter. We'll begin part three with the next issue. I planned part 3 to be the climax of the first half.

I was looking back and remembered the post and made me think on how will part 3 end? cuz it is the end of the first half of this arc. You guys might say something like “it is too early to guess” I say no, because if you look at the arc and the number of chapters for each part then you will see that part 3 could end soon and the number of chapters each part are:

Tartarus Arc Prologue number of chapters:8

Tartarus Arc Part 1 number of chapters:7

Tartarus Arc Part 2 number of chapters:8

So my guess about the number of chapters for this part is 7, and if I’m right there are 4 chapters in this part, So maybe the end of part 3 will be at chapter 385. or if it is 8 then the end will Probably be 386 (once again my guess there could be chapters then i think)

But at the end of the early parts we are left with this feeling (or maybe it is just me) that you when see the ending of that part and the whole “Tartarus Arc part something: title of the part something and something” you get this feeling like what’s going to happen in the next part or your thinking what happen to them.

And since this is the end of the first half of the arc their should be like a ending that will shock us or something to happen in the end (can someone count on how many times I said part and 3 and end (no not the Demon E.N.D) and Tartarus, it feels like I said that a lot)

So what is your thought on what will happen in the ending of part 3 leave a comment down below from where you live, ether you live in Canada or Japan (you wish ) or America or Australia (really down below no offensive) or Mexico or the UK or in Hell (no offensive again) or where ever the **** live in, but that’s it for me this is Milky signing out.

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