Yesterday on the chat, Quilge (yes Quilge) showed a website called "Quiz Your Friends" which he got from Div on Skype.

How it works is that: you make a quiz, call it whatever you want, and you make up questions about yourself.

Then put 4 answers and only 1 right one you make 10 questions or just end it on any number (the limit is 10 questions) then sent the link to any of you're friends and see if they know.

Also you can put messages for how many they got right.



Below 50%

Some on the chat with me made their own:

My first quiz

My second quiz mainly about me and the wiki






Quilge's second quiz

Make you're own here

See if you're friends know you! See if you know you're friends! have fun! I'm out!

Milky's Way|Talk

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