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Hello or if your british get out of my way prick ha ha ha (not really)

this is a topic of one the things i always love since my childhood. Video Games.

i have been into the gaming industry since as long as i can remember and i want to talk to all you guys about games and some of my favorite video games and hear what are your favorite games, now let's start.

Super Mario: whats not to love about this? i remember back when i was little i watch my mom and my sister play on the Super Nintendo, back then i was not THAT much into games. but Mario is one of my favorite video games series.

Sonic the Hedgehog: THIS IS MY FAVORITE VIDEO GAME SERIES EVER EVER. as you can tell Sonic is in fact my favorite video game series ever and THIS is what made me a gamer right now. i always have and always will love Sonic til the end.

Spyro the Dragon: no this has nothing to do with the dragons from Fairy Tail. but this game is really fun. i also enjoy The Legend of Spyro the story was really good and looking at Spyro now, Cynder (in The Legend of Spyro & Skylanders) reminds me of Jellal

The Legend of Zelda: if you love Mario then you love Zelda, i always loved the series my favorite game is Ocarina of Time and the 3DS remake. Damn it Nintendo where is Majora's Mask 3DS remake.

Kingdom Hearts: in truth i was a Kingdom Hearts fan without a Kingdom Hearts game i know i know sad. the only reason why i'm into it is for the story and i watch the gameplay on Youtube. i can't wait for Kingdom Hearts 3. Sora Kairi now kiss.

and that's all the games i want to know what are your favorite games are some of mine also your favorites or not let me know also here is your Tea.

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