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    Yesterday on the chat, Quilge (yes Quilge) showed a website called "Quiz Your Friends" which he got from Div on Skype.

    How it works is that: you make a quiz, call it whatever you want, and you make up questions about yourself.

    Then put 4 answers and only 1 right one you make 10 questions or just end it on any number (the limit is 10 questions) then sent the link to any of you're friends and see if they know.

    Also you can put messages for how many they got right.



    Below 50%

    Some on the chat with me made their own:

    My first quiz

    My second quiz mainly about me and the wiki






    Quilge's second quiz

    Make you're own here

    See if you're friends know you! See if you know you're friends! have fun! I'm out!

    Milky's …

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    Hello baby! It's been awhile huh? I haven't made a blog in a year (you get the joke) so the point in this blog is going to be about the current arc in the FT manga (if you are a anime only watcher I suggest you leave cuz there is spoilers) and the fights that have been going on. the top 10 in which you feel were good fights.

    Here are mine.

    10 Sting and Rogue vs Jiemama (chapter 408-409)

    9 Juvia vs Keith (chapter 390-394)

    8 Mirajane vs Sayla (chapter 375-381)

    7 Gray vs Silver (chapter 390-392)

    6 Natsu and Lucy vs Franmalth (chapter 374-380)

    5 Wendy vs Ezel (chapter 374-377)

    4 Gageel vs Torafusa (chapter 396-397)

    3 Lucy vs Tartarus (chapter 383-386)

    2 Igneel vs Acnologia (chapter 400-ongoing)

    1 Jellal vs the Oraciòn Seis (chapter 365-369)

    What were your…

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    Hello baby!! this is me you're host, Milky, and welcome to the first truth or dare! thank you all for the lovely comments and the lovely dares to the cast. can i get more truths next time ok thanks!

    Sora: So these dares...

    Milky: Yes these dares are great ways to tor- i mean for you guys to have fun. won't this be great?

    Jellal: *in a bored voice* yay.

    Milky: SO LET'S GET THIS PARTY STARTED!!!! WITH AnonymousAK from Fairy Tail Wiki.

    Dare Natsu to bitch slap Erza.

    Lisanna gets in her Cat takeover, and Lucy dresses up like a cat. and then engage in a CATFIGHT!!!

    Milky: That's his/her words.

    Natsu: NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If i do that i will get killed.

    Milky: Well you can skip it-

    Natsu: YES!

    Milky: But..

    Tiz: But what?

    Milky: If you choose not…

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    Good day everyone, This is Milky here. an-

    ?: AHH what's going why's it so dark?!!

    ?: Ladies, don't worry, i am here for you.

    ?: Great, i think i hear another perv.

    ?: I thought i was at the Temple of Fire how did i get here?

    ?: FIRE TEMPLE??!!! TAKE ME THERE!!!!!!

    ?: Cool it Flame brain!

    ?: Are you two fighting?

    ?: Fro thinks so too.

    ?: Aye!

    QUIET!!!!! ALL OF YOU!!!

    now where was i? oh yes.

    Welcome to a fun game that you all know and love.


    and this is not just the Kingdom Hearts cast, they are not alone.

    Sora: Wait they are other people besides us?

    Riku: I feel so sorry for them.

    Kairi: Who are they?


    Natsu: I'M ALL FIRED UP!!!!

    Lucy: Natsu please don't destroy the place.

    Gray: So, What are we doing here?


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    Hello Milky here with a blog, i haven't made one for a long time so here you go.

    This is a Fairy Tail Calendar. is there already one? let me know. this will be (some sort of) updated version of the calendar and this will not only be based on your birthdays, but the date you joined the Wiki. so let's go!

    Find what Guild you joined.

    Jan Crime Sorcière.

    Feb Quatro Cerberus.

    Mar Raven Tail.

    Apr Twilight Orge.

    May Oración Seis.

    Jun Blue Pegasus.

    Jul Grimoire Heart.

    Aug Tartarus.

    Sep Lamia Scale.

    Oct Mermaid Heel.

    Nov Saber Tooth.

    Dec Fairy Tail.

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