Here is the prologue chapter of the movie. The chapter has not been translated yet but it looks interesting. The little chicken that is with Eclair is actually a stuffed toy that came to life?? I hope that they translate it :)

Another thing that I wanted to mention is the way the FT story is told. It's like Lucy is reading the story from a book (or someone else), or even recounting memories. For example, when the Tenrou team disappeared, and we see Romeo, in the anime Lucy is saying something like "we never thought","it was" and "we never knew this could happen". Im just giving examples here but I think that at the end of FT, we will see older Lucy and everyone at FT. The whole anime could be about them remembering memories. Maybe we'll see their kids etc. This is the feeling I get from watching the anime and reading the manga, but it's just me. Just throwing the idea out there. What do you guys think?

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