Finally we are getting somewhere. Looks like all the set up that has been happening since the GMG ended is finally going to end and we are going to actually see some dragons fighting now. Dragons people, DRAGONS. Honestly I was not expecting Rogue to be controlling the dragons. If anything, I thought he would be the one who is being controlled considering current Rogue seems so weak minded. I would have thought the dragons used him rather than him using them. Oh well.

Once again to no one's surprise, Yukino arrived and all the Celestial spirits were used to shut the gate. So now we have 7 dragons to kill and no one can do a thing against them. Que Natsu and things should be getting started next week. We have 7 dragons and 6 dragon slayers. Really though, its only 5 dragon slayers as Wendy is not much use in battle (2 God slayers as well but somehow I think Mashima will back down from making the God slayers have an easy time with dragons). While I know that Natsu is going to be the big hero and save the day and everything as always, it would be cool if they showcased more of Laxus. Laxus is a beast yet we don't ever get to see him fighting much.

Also, it was kind of cool that Zirconis is one of the seven dragons. I had always wondered what Jade dragon slaying magic looked like. Kind of lame that one of the dragons is just another fire dragon though, I wanted something more original. Oh well, we'll have to see what else we get. That's it for this time. Comment away

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