First off, that cover was awesome. Happy as a robotic spaceship was great. But anyway, on to the chapter. So basically, this chapter was all about Mashima finding another way to get Lucy naked. It started out well enough. So there is one dragon that can make little baby dragons/lizard looking things. What I am hoping Mashima does is spend time on each of the dragons and dragon slayers. Laxus is taking on this Atlas Flame dragon so I would like to see a few chapters focusing on that fight, then a few on Cobra's fight. I know that he will just end up doing a few frames of most of the fights but I can hope.

And poor Ichiya, pulls out his secret perfume only to be useless again as his opponent has no nose. I wonder if Ichiya will ever do anything notable. Probably not. So Sting and Rogue take off to go fight and Cobra steps in to save Blue Pegasus. Then we get to Zirconis and as it turns out, jade dragon magic has the ability to... remove people's clothes. And just when I thought Mashima was going to tone down the perverted stuff to finish this arc. So of course Lucy loses her clothes. Oh well.

So now its Wendy vs. Zirconis. Will Wendy actually be able to fight on her own? Should be interesting. Thats all I have for this time, so comment away.

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