So if anyone has ever been over to the Bleach Wiki, I am sure you have seen that I had a monopoly on chapter review blogs over there, so I figured I'm here now, why not do a blog here from now on and make certain ungrateful people who learned everything they know from me but refuse to acknowledge it work for their comments? So sit back and enjoy as I rant about this chapter.

So Future super emo Rogue is turning out to be a kind of meh villain. When he first appeared on scene, he came out with a bang and that cool vortex technique but since then, he has just been whining about how Lucy closes the gate and hasn't done anything cool since. The only thing I can say I like about Future Rogue is that villainous smirk he gave Natsu at the end, confirming he wants to destroy the future.

I have been reading a lot of what people have been saying about the future after this arc and a lot of people keep saying they think Sting and Rogue will join Fairy Tail. I don't see it. However, I have been saying for some time now that I believe Yukino will. They already protect her like she is a member of the guild and I honestly don't see her handing her keys over to Lucy again. Her only place left in the story then would be to join FT. We shall see about that one.

Also, I am fairly disappointed in the king of Fiore. I'm sure I am not the only one who thought that because his face was hidden for so long, he would turn out to be someone we knew or have seen before. But nope. He looks a little like Ichiya though but that may have more to due with the fact that he is short and fat like Ichiya. The one thing I did kind of like about this chapter was Jellal approaching Lahar and Doranbolt. 1. Because Jellal is cool. 2. Because Doranbolt is awesome and 3. Because you know he is going to ask for something big. Oh and it seems everyone is recovering from the tournament and Kagura is not dead like I know some people thought she was.

Overall, this chapter was pretty much all set up and I am not a big fan of set up chapters. I prefer each chapter doing a little more work but eh, I don't write it so whatever.

So that's all for this time. Comments are very welcome, just keep them cleanish?(I can't really say clean as you are all a bunch of dirty perverts here).

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