On this April 21st, we gathered in chat to celebrate the joining of ToshiroFanGirl and Remnant13 in holy matrimony. Below are the proceedings.

The Proceedings

Mintaro Time for the wedding!

Remnant13 ;A;

Godisme TOSHI

Umnei Yay!

Imhungry4444 TOSHI Umnei is trying to steal rem from u

Imhungry4444 >;/

Umnei Transformation: Bridesmaid!!!

AuroraOfDeath Heheheh

Umnei Eew

Remnant13 *crawls away*

Umnei EEW

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Here it is.

ToshiroFanGirl Sorry Goddy, had to watch a f- Umnei!

Umnei *explodes*

ToshiroFanGirl Happy Birthday btw Hungry~!

Mintaro *puts on my bridesmaid dress* *^*

Imhungry4444 YAY

Imhungry4444 sank you

ToshiroFanGirl *^*

Godisme Alright, who is Toshi's maid of honor?

Umnei Let them get married.

ToshiroFanGirl I thought I was picking best man

Godisme Rem, pick your best man

Remnant13 Here lies Rem's freedom....

ToshiroFanGirl Anyways, my Maid of Honor is none other than...

ToshiroFanGirl Umnei!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Gets my shoes and clothes ready*

Umnei *Twirls*

Godisme Toshi, you said you wanted to be the bride

Dark Seeker Kotsu :o

ToshiroFanGirl *Puts her bride thing on* I know, I know!

Imhungry4444 Umnei is like that chick from 27 dresses

Remnant13 ( _ _)

ToshiroFanGirl Umnei's Maid of Honor~

Imhungry4444 the permanent brides maid

Umnei Katherine Heigl?

Umnei lol ikr?

Imhungry4444 can never get one for herself

Umnei I'm the fking bridesmaid to every wedding.

Imhungry4444 poor nei nei

Mintaro I loved that movie. XD

Umnei I had one

Godisme Alright, Choko, you are Rem's best man

Umnei jerkie.

ToshiroFanGirl Yay for Choko-nii~!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira :O

ToshiroFanGirl But God, shouldn't Rem pick? D:

Remnant13 R.I.P.....

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Yeah, Rem should choose. D:

ToshiroFanGirl I'm not THAT bad!

Godisme Rem doesnt get a choice in this

Remnant13 Ultra wont do it...

ToshiroFanGirl I dressed up as well!

AuroraOfDeath Do we have a wedding cake?

ChokokuguzaNoTobira But a Godling shouldn't oppose.. D:

Remnant13 Am I chained or what?

Imhungry4444 yep we do

Miskos3 Oops...

Godisme Hungry is the chef

ToshiroFanGirl But I want Ultra, Choko, Rora or Hungry!

Imhungry4444 i made it

Imhungry4444 :3

Miskos3 Sorry, I ate it

ToshiroFanGirl Or Miskos

AuroraOfDeath Good

ToshiroFanGirl God, what did I tell you!?

AuroraOfDeath Miskos, bad!

Miskos3 What me?

Remnant13 Don't eat what Hungry makes in the kitchen....

ToshiroFanGirl Hungry is banned from ALL jobs!

Imhungry4444 ~(*^*)~ its got special filling~

Godisme Hungry is an excellent cook

Umnei Special filling :O

Umnei I'm curious!!!

Remnant13 Bad Hungry!

ToshiroFanGirl THough it is his birthday so...what the hey

ChokokuguzaNoTobira D:

Umnei Give it to me!!

Godisme Its his birthday Toshi!

AuroraOfDeath Hungry, tell me it's not semen

ToshiroFanGirl I won't be eating any cake

Godisme He wants to do something

ToshiroFanGirl Okay Okay XD

Umnei I bet its red velvet.

Remnant13 *backs away from chat*

ToshiroFanGirl Are we getting this show on the road or not?!

Mintaro Best man = Hungry?

Imhungry4444 its.......vanilla...........or coconut............or any other flavor thats white

Remnant13 Beast man?

Godisme Alright, lets get started

AuroraOfDeath Not eating it

Umnei *Telekenesis' Rem*

ToshiroFanGirl *Transformation: Amazing Bride~"

Umnei *floats him over to Toshi* (OwO)

Remnant13 . . .

ToshiroFanGirl Thank you, Maid of Honor~

ChokokuguzaNoTobira My sister is getting married..

AuroraOfDeath *plays wedding music* :3

Imhungry4444 someone take the photos(screen shots)

Godisme Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Toshi and the pervert Rem in holy matrimony

Remnant13 *horor

Imhungry4444 WE NEED PHOTOS

Remnant13 Holy?!

Imhungry4444 (SCs)

ToshiroFanGirl Who is in charge of photos?!

Ultraprime2 I'll do that.

ToshiroFanGirl Yay~!

Imhungry4444 good man

ToshiroFanGirl Put em in the next SM XD


Ultraprime2 Ask Reli about that.

Umnei omg Aprils almost over.

Godisme Love is a beautiful thing and though they protest so much, we know that Rem and Toshi are madly in love with each other

ToshiroFanGirl You know NOTHING!

ToshiroFanGirl Carry on~

Remnant13 No we're not!

Mintaro *sulks in a corner* I haz no role...

ToshiroFanGirl Min Min is the flower girl tho D:

Godisme So let us now join them in the most sacred of the sacraments and let them be wed

Umnei Kiss!!!

Remnant13 . . .

Umnei *pounds heel to the ground*

Godisme Do you, Toshi, take the pervert Remnant13 as your husband?

Mintaro Woah, just let God say his stuff. >___>

ToshiroFanGirl No

ToshiroFanGirl Okay fine, Yes

Godisme Rem, do you take Toshi as you wife?

Remnant13 I do... not...

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Your*

ToshiroFanGirl Rem!

Godisme Rem is drunk, his no means yes

Remnant13 I do... ( _ _)

Monét Too bad for Rem. o3o

Mintaro *uses and alien language to make that 'no' into a 'yes'!*

Monét xD

AuroraOfDeath has joined the chat.

ToshiroFanGirl The woman always win~

ToshiroFanGirl *wins

Godisme So, by the power invested in me by some website I found online

Umnei \( ^.^)/ Yay~! *bounces*

Godisme I now pronounce you Husband pervert and wife

ToshiroFanGirl I will not kiss him until you call me gorgeous~

Godisme You may now kiss the bride

Miskos3 Have fun, God

Umnei smoochie smoochie *3*

Miskos3 *chuckles*

Remnant13 ._.

ToshiroFanGirl Until he adds gorgeous to my name, Imma not doing it~!

Mintaro Kiss!!

Mintaro Rem! Call my sister gorgeous!

Mintaro Now. >:)

Remnant13 She means God >_>

Wrath022 For the love of Christ, just kiss her you perv.

ToshiroFanGirl I meant God but w.e

Mintaro >__>

Remnant13 I'm scared!

Godisme Fine, Rem, kiss your gorgeous wife

ToshiroFanGirl Yay~!

ToshiroFanGirl *Smoochie Smoochie* *3*

Remnant13 *kisses Amy* . . .

ToshiroFanGirl :3

Remnant13 There goes my Wiki life....

Mintaro Good moment! *^*

Godisme Alright now you two go get a pm and consumate this marriage

ToshiroFanGirl Awww come on Remmy, just today, I gave you a new Hentai Game :3

ToshiroFanGirl But we need the speeches!

ToshiroFanGirl The Best Man and Maid of Honor give speeches D:



Godisme kkk, Ummy, give your speech

Umnei ok

ToshiroFanGirl I'll pass, Hungry XD

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Thinks*

Miskos3 Yeah, sorry

Remnant13 Story: 2/5 Gameplay: 2/5 Artwork: 3/5

Umnei Toshi, you was the bestest bitch I ever knew And now you wedded and now I'll miss you foreverz.

Miskos3 I ate the other cake

Umnei *cries*

ToshiroFanGirl Umnei!

Umnei It was endearing

ToshiroFanGirl Okay, Min's my new maid of honor!

Remnant13 I'm not touching that cake...

ToshiroFanGirl I don't wanna be called the B word!

Umnei That cake looks fun :3

Umnei Ok fine

Umnei Damsel

Godisme Choko, make your speech

ToshiroFanGirl Okay Miskos is my new Maid of Honor!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Speech: Better take care of my awesome sister, Rem! Or she will chain and whip you. *3*

Umnei Real speech: Toshi, use candle wax!!!!

Remnant13 TT^TT

ToshiroFanGirl *3*

ChokokuguzaNoTobira And to Toshi, please be careful with Rem.

ChaosKnight has joined the chat.

Umnei \( ^.^)/

Mintaro Chaos!

ToshiroFanGirl Liking this marriage already!

Remnant13 Chaos!!!

Remnant13 Save me!!

ToshiroFanGirl Chaos, you missed it!

Miskos3 Hi Chaos

ChaosKnight I was summoned.

Umnei hey Chaos

Monét Hey Chaos~!

Mintaro Rem and Toshi are married!

ToshiroFanGirl You missed the main vows and everything D:

ChaosKnight Awww....

ChaosKnight Sorry about that...

ToshiroFanGirl Ultra took images tho! :3

ChaosKnight I had to take care of something...

Remnant13 Saving lolis? :3

Umnei I can log it if need be :O

ToshiroFanGirl :O

Ultraprime2 Hi Chaos.

ToshiroFanGirl I just want Mommy Leli to see *3*

Ultraprime2 I'll get a script of this thing made.

ToshiroFanGirl Yay~!

Umnei :3

Umnei and then we'll frame it over their bedside table.

ToshiroFanGirl x3

ToshiroFanGirl You guys were right about this marriage~

Umnei while it rocks. all night long.

Mintaro God's message to Rem and Toshi:

Remnant13 I was forced! =w=

ToshiroFanGirl Miskos, go make the wedding meal~!

Mintaro Just... be a good man and make a women her meal.

ToshiroFanGirl Choko, go with him~!

Miskos3 I thought hungry was the cook

Miskos3 I just ate the cake

ToshiroFanGirl If he is, none of us will live to see the end of today

ChokokuguzaNoTobira XD

Monét xDDD

ToshiroFanGirl Now COOK!

Miskos3 *cooks*

Miskos3 there, pasta

AuroraOfDeath Alright now we'll have to circumcise Rem ( ._.)

Godisme And now for the reception, I bring what every party needs! Hookers and blow!

Miskos3 job?

Mintaro D:<

Mintaro They are bad for the children here!

Remnant13 I want cyanide pills...

ChokokuguzaNoTobira XD

ToshiroFanGirl God, get real entertainment!

Godisme There are no children here

Godisme But but but hookers and blow!

Remnant13 Bad Mint!

ToshiroFanGirl You might as well give Umnei a pole and let him do his stuff!

Godisme Toshi, would you prefer strippers?

ToshiroFanGirl Now get proper entertainment!

ToshiroFanGirl Are they male? :3

Godisme Female!

Mintaro Pole dancers are better!

Remnant13 She didn't threw the bouquet

ToshiroFanGirl Eww no!

Umnei I dont want to!

Godisme And have a host of daddy issues

Dark Seeker Kotsu I'm all for female strippers!

ToshiroFanGirl Oh yes, I have to throw the flowers!

Mintaro Or get a Female Aizen hooker! >:3

ToshiroFanGirl Ladies, Genderless, Umnei~! You ready to catch it?! :3

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Who will be the next one to get married..

Umnei Yes!

ToshiroFanGirl *Flings it* :3

Remnant13 *Umnei gets hit in the head*

ToshiroFanGirl XD

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Follows the boquet*

Umnei Dx

Umnei Water Hand!!!

Umnei *grabs*

ToshiroFanGirl But Umnei's already married, so it doesn't count!

Godisme Ummy, you are already married

Umnei hmmmm

Umnei ._.


Umnei no, I'm single.

ToshiroFanGirl I'll throw it again -_-

ToshiroFanGirl You divorced Bere!?

Umnei TT^TT

ToshiroFanGirl But but but Team BUT! D:<

ChokokuguzaNoTobira The other way round.

ToshiroFanGirl He...

ToshiroFanGirl I'm gonna KILL him!!! D:<

Umnei Maidens heart is fragile, I tell you ._.

Monét D':<

Umnei no its fine

Umnei we're on good terms

Umnei but this bouquet would be lovely *3*

ToshiroFanGirl Okaii, you keep it!

Umnei *tightens grip* :3

ToshiroFanGirl Besides, I have my Remmy Wemmy :'3

PrinceKakarotSS3 has joined the chat.

Remnant13 TT^TT

ToshiroFanGirl You missed the wedding~!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Have fun, Rem!

Remnant13 Choko!!! TT^TT

ToshiroFanGirl Now, it's time for the entertainment *Glares at God*

Mintaro have Fun! >:D

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Why? D:

Godisme Im out of ideas Toshi, you didnt want hookers and blow, you didnt want strippers with daddy issues. What else is there?

Umnei O_O

Umnei oh god, all strippers DO have daddy issues D:

Remnant13 Naked Lolis?

Dark Seeker Kotsu Pin the tail on the jackass?

Remnant13 *grabs a pin*

Remnant13 *pokes Kotsu's ass*

ToshiroFanGirl Many other things God!

Dark Seeker Kotsu</span< ...Twister?

ToshiroFanGirl Like...Crossdress the Goof!

Dark Seeker Kotsu Thank you Rem :3

Remnant13 Oh no!

Remnant13 Not this again!

Dark Seeker Kotsu I've always wanted a tail

ToshiroFanGirl *Puts a nice little dress on Kakarot* *3*

PrinceKakarotSS3 has left the chat.

ToshiroFanGirl Now, where's Hungry?!

Dark Seeker Kotsu XD

Godisme I know, we can all watch football!

ToshiroFanGirl I have Chanel heels for youuu~! *3*

Dark Seeker Kotsu Toshi, that game sounds f-

Dark Seeker Kotsu :o

Godisme I have tapes of old browns games

Dark Seeker Kotsu Yeah!

Dark Seeker Kotsu Football!

ToshiroFanGirl Is that football as in Rugby, or Soccer?

Godisme I even have the Dawson rule on tape

Godisme One of the oddest kicks ever

Dark Seeker Kotsu American Football, Toshi

ToshiroFanGirl Ooooh, rugby x3

Dark Seeker Kotsu The sport that summarizes a fourth of my life

Godisme Kotsu, lets watch the butt fumble over and over

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Yans*

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Yawns*

Godisme Fine, lets get this party started

Dark Seeker Kotsu xD

ToshiroFanGirl Yay~!

Dark Seeker Kotsu Yes!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira :O

Godisme *Uses God magic to summon all of Toshi's favorite bands*


ToshiroFanGirl Bon Jovi!!!

Godisme *Summons lolis for Rem*

Godisme *Summons Neko for Ultra, the Chicago Bears for Kotsu*

Ultraprime2 :)

Imhungry4444 chicago bears

Imhungry4444 -_-

ToshiroFanGirl Ultra, why not say something about the wedding? :3

Imhungry4444 u dont say that name infront of a packers fan

Imhungry4444 -_-

Imhungry4444 madafuka

Godisme *Summons Ish for Hungry*

Imhungry4444 :)

Imhungry4444 nvm

Mintaro What 'bout me? D:

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Waits*

Mintaro I want...

Godisme *Summons other stuff for everyone*

Mintaro God to belly dance!

AuroraOfDeath Well, I'm out. Bye

Imhungry4444 cya faggot

ToshiroFanGirl Bye Rora-nii D:

Godisme *Smites Minty*

Mintaro Do it! >:(

Mintaro Now!

ToshiroFanGirl *Puts

ToshiroFanGirl *Puts Gypsy outfit on God* :3

ToshiroFanGirl The Bride gets what she wants around here~

ToshiroFanGirl NOW DANCE!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Receives a paper*

Godisme *Summons duck tape to put over Minty's mouth*

ChokokuguzaNoTobira And what the heck should I do with this stuff? D:<

Godisme *Summons everything Choko wants*

Miskos3 O:

Mintaro *gives him tamberines* Play with this while you shake those hips! >:D

Godisme *Summons Bere for Ummy*

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Receives chocolates* *Q* *Q*

Mintaro DANCE!!!!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Runs away*

Godisme *Smites Minty again*

ToshiroFanGirl *Puts on Gypsy Moroccan Music* Dance God!

Mintaro Goddammit, God. Dance already, it's not that hard. >___>

Godisme *Poofs*

Mintaro D:<

ToshiroFanGirl Coward!

ToshiroFanGirl And you call yourself God! D:<

ToshiroFanGirl XD

Mintaro *uses mind control to make God dance like a gypsy* :3

Remnant13 *stays quiet*

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Rem! This is your party! C'mon, say something!

Remnant13 Something....

ToshiroFanGirl Rem!

ToshiroFanGirl Give a nice speech!

Remnant13 Yes?

Mintaro God... *gives him a demonic stare* DANCE!!!!!!!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira And I got the very best response. XD

Remnant13 What speech?

Remnant13 Rem doesn't do speeches!

ToshiroFanGirl SPEECH NOW!!

Remnant13 Rem's English kills people!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira But you guys already killed me with that "pew pew", so I don't mind dying again.

Remnant13 Pew pew!

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *Dies for.. Already lost count*

ToshiroFanGirl D:<

ToshiroFanGirl Well, I guess I'LL give a speech on this glorious day!

ToshiroFanGirl You all know how pervy Remmy Wemmy is *3*

ChokokuguzaNoTobira *nods*

Remnant13 pew pew!

ToshiroFanGirl But I have now learnt after our 2 time relationship, to see beyond all of that :3

Umnei poor kitty

ToshiroFanGirl So I hope you guys enjoy the after party *3* And let's hope that our relationship will continue to blossom~

ChokokuguzaNoTobira I will haunt you forever, Misk.

Godisme Alright, party is over. Groomsmen, go sleep with the bridesmaids now

ChokokuguzaNoTobira Because you started the "pew pew".

ToshiroFanGirl I have a feeling that God is gonna make a blog on this now XD

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