Okay so here's something new. I've had a lot of people approach me saying that the new guy on Bleach wiki doing reviews is not any good and that they wish I would do reviews again and what not. So here's what I will do from now on. These blogs will mostly be about Fairy Tail. I will do my usual in depth review of Fairy Tail. But at the end, I will include a small section summing up my thoughts on the latest Bleach chapter as well and then pick a winner of the two, which one was the better chapter that week. Comments will be welcome on both the Fairy Tail and the Bleach sections.

Fairy Tail

This chapter really had a little of everything for everyone. We start with Carrot and Red fangirling as Jellal is helping Erza up which totally means they are item now, right? Milliana comes over and interrupts and bitch be mad. And this is where I think this chapter shines. Ultear comes over to take the blame like she always does for what Jellal did, but Mashima does a good job of making her bitchy attitude seem like an act.

Meanwhile Kagura is waiting behind some rubble and Mega cries out in glee. It seems she is ready to forgive Jellal after hearing what Ultear has to say. I once again have to compliment Mashima here for doing a good job at characterization and showing change even in the middle of a battle. Ultear then conflicted about whether to kill Rogue is a shining moment of this chapter. You can feel the pain she is under and see how tough all of this is for.

So then Sting runs over with his dragon to battle his dragon while Rogue battles his dragon so they can be next to each other while battling their dragons.... Meanwhile, Meredy is with Juvia and is looking for Ultear when Gray knocks Juvia down to save her from a blast from one of the baby dragons and of course Juvia gets all excited. Gray needs to tell Juvia something but before he can do so, he is shot through the chest saving Juvia again. Then he proceeeds to get shot about 6 more times before taking another shot to the head. Which, normally I would say would kill him, but I read Rave, so I know that Mashima can't kill good guys.

Overall a really good chapter. I think it is one of the best in a long time. I just hope that with everyone talking about death now, someone actually dies and Mashima sticks with it.

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Like I said, I will stick a small section on the latest Bleach chapter here every week. I am going to skip past all the page by page stuff and just get into the most important part of this chapter, the reveal that the Zangetsu we knew is Yhwach from 1000 years ago and is the manifestation of Ichigo's Quincy abilities while Hollow Ichigo is actually Zangetsu. I have heard a lot of people say that this is a great twist and what not, but here is the thing, there are a ton of plot holes now. Think back to the beginning of the series when Ichigo was undergoing shattered shaft training. He was unable to hear "Zangetsu"'s name which was stated to be normal and when he finally heard it, he gained his Shinigami powers, but why was he unable to hear his Quincy powers telling him his Zanpakuto's name? Really, that should have been no problem. Then when he was undergoing Bankai training, Ichigo used a device that pulls the Zanpakuto spirit into the real world and it pulled Yhwach out. So how was that device able to pull out the Quincy powers instead of the Shinigami powers? Why did his form change when Ichigo used Jinzen in Bankai? How was he able to wield Zangetsu while in Ichigo's inner world? A Quincy shouldn't be able to do that.

There are a lot of plot holes that need to be cleared up right now and with Kubo, he doesn't really do a very good job of cleaning up after his retcons. I am hoping he can explain all of this away, but I have my doubts.


This week, Fairy Tail was the better chapter. While Bleach focused on trying to shock you and retcon a long established fact, Fairy Tail went for the heart and showed off its softer side and the emotion and pain that is befalling its characters at the moment. While I fully expect Gray to be alive and just badly wounded, the fact that Mashima had the guts to take a character as popular as Gray and show him being brutally killed by multiple shots to the chest and one to the head means that Fairy Tail is finally moving out of the realm of being this fun, silly little manga to some of the darkness that I really enjoyed in Rave. We'll see how it goes but I have a feeling that Fairy Tail is about to get really good while Bleach is continuing to go down hill imo.

So thats all for this week. As always, comments are very welcome, so comment away.

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