So this is unexpected. A chapter on a tuesday. So let;s get in to this.

This chapter was pretty decent and revealed a lot of stuff that surprised me. Firstly it seems that Sting and Rogue did not really kill their dragons in the sense that we had thought. I had always had my doubts that they managed to kill a dragon and now we learn that their dragons asked them to kill them. That makes the two of them seem a lot less like douches than I had originally thought.

So it turns out that Jellal was talking to Lahar and Doranbolt to get Cobra released to make it seven dragons against seven dragon slayers. Totally did not expect that. I can't say I really like Cobra but eh, should be interesting to see him in action again. Now here is something that Im wondering. From what we have been told, God slayers are supposed to be so much stronger than dragon slayers (even though a God slayer has never beaten a dragon slayer). So how would God slayers hold up against actual dragons?

Thats all I have for this time. Commence the commenting.

P.S: Shameless plug if you like pokemon

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