Hello peoples. Today I am here to introduce to you the newest and greatest thing that has ever been done on the Fairy Tail wiki. That is: The Trivia Wall of Shame.

What is it?

The trivia wall of shame is a collection of the very worst trivia that has ever been put on our pages. Each bit of trivia listed on the page is an actual piece of trivia that someone put on our pages and thought was good trivia. The wall serves as an ode to the very worst trivia we have ever come across as well as a bit of a lesson in how to not make trivia.

What can you do?

Anyone is free to edit the wall of shame and add trivia. If when undoing a trivia edit, you find it a horrible piece of trivia, go ahead and add it. There are just a few things to keep in mind.

1. Don't make things: Each and every one of these is an actual piece of trivia that someone added to the pages, no one made these up for the sole purpose of putting them on the wall.

2. Keep it actual bad trivia. Its not just trivia that was undone but really bad trivia. A good gauge is if you lose all your faith in humanity after reading it, it belongs on the wall. If it is just a non interesting fact, don't add it.

That's it. Enjoy the wall people, share your favorite bad trivia below and prepare to:

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