Hello all, Kuro and I noticed that there are many of us around FT wiki who play pokemon. So we decided to organize a tournament for anyone who wants to participate

The Rules=

  • Must own a Generation V game as this will be the generation we compete on
  • Legends are banned. You may not use any Legendary pokemon. The six Pseudo legendary pokemon are fine though.
  • Single battles. We aren't doing double, triple or rotation battles.
  • You must use the same six pokemon team throughout the whole tournament. When you sign up for the tournament, please email me your six pokemon team. I ask you email me so we can keep the teams private until the brackets are announced to avoid people counterpicking to take out who they deem to be strong. When I receive your email, I will leave a message on your talk page acknowledging I received the email.
  • No duplicates. You may only use one of a pokemon.

Kuro and I will be the tournament organizers and will be requiring everyone to follow the rules. If your opponent breaks the rules, send us the battle video and we will disqualify them.

Now, here is where it is up to you guys. Do you want to do full battles, meaning six vs. six where any level pokemon is allowed, or flat battles, where pokemon above 50 are scaled down to 50. Flat battles also limit you to three pokemon per battle. If we do flat, you can pick any combination of your six pokemon for each battle, you do not need to stick to just the three you picked in your first match.

Do you want full battles or flat battles

The poll was created at 01:56 on April 30, 2013, and so far 22 people voted.

Sign up

So to sign up, just post below, and say you want in and post your friend code. The brackets will be made randomly once we have enough people enter. Once the brackets are made, I will post the brackets and everyone's team of six. This is so the opponents know which pokemon their opponent is supposed to be using and can report if they are using different pokemon. We will keep the sign up open for a few days. Once the first round is open, there will be one week to complete your match and is up to you to make time for your battle. Communicate with your match partner and set a time. Winner is to post back here and tell us that they won. So without further ado, the sign ups are now open.

Pokemon Lists

Below is the pokemon people will be using throughout the tournament. If your opponent is using a pokemon not on the list, send me the battle video and I will disqualify them

  • Godisme - Garchomp, Kingdra, Blaziken, Salamance, Serperior, Tyranitar
  • KuroAshi98 - Leafeon, Steelix, Umbreon, Vaporeon, Scyther, Salamance
  • Umnei - Gallade, Blissey, Umbreon, Starmie, Togekiss, Metagross
  • Mejiaj1 - Lucario, Milotic,Electivire, Ambipom, Umbreon, and salamence
  • AuroraOfDeath - Lucario, Glaceon, Zoroark, Flygon, Electivire, Samurott
  • Wrath022 - Salamence Garchomp Sceptile Blaziken Empoleon Glaceon
  • Tristan Tsunami - Serperior, Lucario, Samurott, Charizard, Hydregion, Zoroark
  • Imhungry4444 - Emboar, Krookodile, Zoroark, Swanna, Zebstrika, Beartic
  • Ricky Spanish - Charizard, Sceptile, Swampert, Gengar, Staraptor, Blissey
  • Glass Heart - TBD (has a team picked out but will not reveal it until Friday)

The Tournament

Now that everyone has gotten me their pokemon list (except Glass). I can post their first round. Because we have ten players, there will be two play in matches. These matches were made by a random bracket maker, so no complaining that I paired you up with someone too hard.

Play Ins

The play ins were randomly selected like everything else. The matches are as follows.

1. Imhungry4444 vs. Ricky Spanish

2. Wrath022 vs. AuroraOfDeath

First Round

  • Godisme vs. The Winner of 1.
  • Mejiaj1 vs. Umnei
  • TristanTsunami vs. Winner of 2.
  • KuroAshi98 vs. Glass Heart

Play ins, the sooner you can get your matches done, the better. The First round will start on Monday. Once the first round starts, you have one week to complete your matches before the next round begins. If everyone finishes early, then the next round starts then. If you have any questions. Let me know.

You can follow the tournament and make predictions here

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