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Macao Arc

The first arc in the series. Okay, and like most starter arcs I've seen in Animanga series, it was short and not much interesting.

We start off with our cute heroine (or so we believed) Lucy Heartfilia charming her way to get a Celestial Spirit Key and then getting captivated by a tall, good-looking Mage with Charm Magic. And who comes to her rescue? A pink-haired punk and his talking blue cat. Amusingly entertaining. So then, our heroine gets into talking about Magic and Mages to our "heroes" for maybe a half hour (in their universe) when it turns out both "heroes" are Mages themselves. Wow. Great way to kill thirty minutes... And then at the end of the chapter, Lucy is about to be kidnapped, but is saved, then she has to save her rescuers, and then a fight and she runs happily into the daybreak with her friends.

After no transition whatsoever, she arrives at Fairy Tail guild, sees how eccentric they are and is quickly admitted in the guild. So, she accompanies her new friends (aka rescuers from last chapter) to Mt. Everest so they can save another comrade and return him to his son. Now, here's the part that's intriguing. A vulcan (no, not like those from Star Trek) literally "takes over" a Human's body and soul. While we saw an example, it was never shown how exactly they "take" over the person. Other Take Overs simply transform into a type of creature instead of something more... possession-like. Weird, but it may be because they're not Humans taking over, so they don't have to transform. But anyway, after a brief battle involving a hothead, blonde, talking cat, perverted bull and Abominable Snowman, Macao is freed from a Take Over spell and brought back to his son. How... touching?

Opinionated Review: 6.5/10

Daybreak Arc

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy make a team. No surprise there. And apparently, Lucy is a writer who's rather fond of reading books. Well, now that's interesting. I somehow gain more respect for this character. Weird, but oh well.

So anyway, later, the new team take a job request for a hell of a lot of money. They steal a book from a greedy, somewhat sadistic old man and return the book to the author's son, who learns something very surprising about the book. The end.

Opinionated Review: 4/10

Lullaby Arc

I wasn't very fond of this arc. It was was interesting, but could have had more.

We had the exhibitionist Gray and knight Erza join Natsu's team. Okay, nothing big there. Team Natsu (which is apparently the group's new name) then goes to deal with the Dark Guild Eisenwald. Okay. Personally, I was very bored with how things are at the start till Erigor decides to take things seriously with the flute Lullaby, so I'll just continue from there. Mainly because the first part was a bit more on explanations and nothing big or interesting aside from it.

So, at the train station (that I cannot remember the name of), we got the Rune Knights being easily taken down by the Eisenwald members. Okay, seeing as how the Rune Knights never show much fight at all, this isn't very surprising. Moving forward, we have Team Natsu coming in to fight. Erza & Lucy vs. Random Eisenwald Members while Gray and Natsu fight Rayule and Kageyama respectively. And they, for the most part, win. How do I find that unsurprising...? So then next thing comes up. Kageyama is attacked, Erigor traps everyone in the building within a cyclone of wind. But guess what? Happy conveniently remembered to have the key of Virgo to give to Lucy, and he does! Yay, now the heroes are saved and they can end the current arc!

Anyhow, following this, we get to see Erigor fight but lose to Natsu. Typical. And we have Kageyama steal the Lullaby flute and head to a meeting for Guild Masters so that he can sing a little song and kill them all with it. Aaand he meets Makarov. But chickens out of his plan at the last moment because of what Team Natsu's done. And in a shocking twist of its own random kind, the flute comes to life on its own and attacks everyone. But... Natsu, Erza, and Gray defeat it and save the day. Whoopee! And the guild master meeting building is destroyed! Bigger Whoopee!

Then, Erza and Natsu have a potentially exciting yet personally boring fight that results in Erza getting arrested, but Natsu coming in to "save" her. And then, they go home, no transition on that at all. Also, we saw Siegrain revealed to know Erza a fair amount. A secret that he reminds her, correct? Unless I'm mistaken, it's the secret that he is Jellal's "brother". If that wasn't the secret, I personally have no idea what it could be then.

Opinionated Review: 6.5/10

Galuna Island Arc

Gray Fullbuster's personal story arc.

Opinionated Review: 7/10

Phantom Lord Arc

I think this is probably the best arc overall in Fairy Tail, though I wouldn't consider it to be a favorite of mine.

Here's a big news flash. Fairy Tail is attacked! Okay, that was pretty surprising because I doubted that a series where the main, goody-two-shoes characters could actually face a reality check in realistic situations (series-wise). So, it turns out that the attackers are from Phantom Lord, a rival guild. While Fairy Tail decided to take it coolly for a bit, when we have some (then) minor characters get attacked and the female one branded, they decide to go on an all-out war and attack Phantom Lord themselves. Small fights, nothing major. And while that happens, Lucy is kidnapped. But she is rescued, by Nakama Dragneel. Not surprising as usual, but whatever.

So then, it turns out that Lucy is the daughter of Jude Heartfilia and is actually quite rich. Yet, she needs money. I'm wondering why she didn't some personal wealth for herself and do something about it. I know she's one who prefers friends above all but seriously, think realistically about what might become! And the Heartfilia Konzern didn't look like it was going bankrupt anytime soon, so that's something to think about also, unless Jude was already losing money at this time.

Anyway, so then Phantom decides to go big and threaten to obliterate the Fairy Tail building unless Lucy is handed over. So, when this deal looks like it won't close, they attack major. But... Erza saves the day! Epicly, I guess, but she still saves it. And so, a time limit is placed until another major attack can come. We have several strong members of FT going to Phantom to take care of the Element Four, plus Gajeel Redfox and Jose Porla.

Natsu puts up a fight with another fire wielder, Totomaru, effectively being useless for a bit until he starts strategizing. Elfman Strauss heats it up with Sol, apparently who's French, and performs a rather cool Beast Soul Takeover that knocks out Sol. Then we have Gray vs. Juvia, who ends up falling in love with him, and after some good throws at each other Gray finally wins. Juvia was a bit creepy in this part after she hears him talk about Lucy but not to the point where I can cringe, lol. Finally, we got the main man, Aria. He gets into a fight with Natsu and Erza but is eventually defeated by the latter fiercely. Now, going on to the last two battles: Natsu vs. Gajeel & Makarov vs. Jose.

The best fight would probably be Natsu vs. Gajeel. Yes, Gajeel did lose but we saw some pretty cool and interesting Dragon Slayer attacks coming from both ends. Gajeel, in particular, has some pretty awesome steel scales. Which we never saw again. . . . Bummer, those were good. The anime did some nice effects on this, plus his Iron Dragon's Roar, btw. But despite Gajeel's pretty neat abilities and Magic, he lost to Natsu, who did actually put up a good fight, I would say, mainly after Lucy helped him a little with summoning Sagittarius.

Now, to Makarov vs. Jose. Last I recall, Erza was fighting the Guild Master until Makarov came in and wiped him, plus most of Phantom Lord, with Fairy Law.

Opinionated Review: 9/10

Loke Arc

This reminds me of that Turn Back the Pendulum series in Bleach... only, this one is less interesting.

Loke's a Celestial Spirit. Okay. And he was formerly owned by a sadistic Bisca of Blue Pegasus. Okay. And he's pretty much responsible for her death. Okay.

That's it.

Some readers may be surprised but I wasn't. While I admit I was surprised, it wasn't something that really alerted my attention nor was it all that interesting, as stated above. And it was quite short too, so that didn't really do much help, did it? Necessarily, it did not have to go into very detailed explanations but I would have liked this arc more if there was a bit more to it.

Opinionated Review: 3/10

Tower of Heaven Arc

A relatively good arc. But seeing how easily I can summarize this one, it will be short.

Basic rundown: Team Natsu goes to a casino resort, with Juvia tagging along, but they are attacked by Erza's childhood friends and now Erza is taken to the Tower of Heaven. Team Natsu saves her and get into some decent fights. I enjoyed the one with Vildadus Taka (if that's how you spell his name), not much of the one with Fukuro, but liked it with Ikaruga. Ikaruga vs. Erza though? Good matchings but it was somewhat short and... truthfully, a little boring seeing how it played out. It all ended when Ikaruga was slashed. Seeing as how both are decently strong (saying decent because I'm not sure how tough Ikaruga is), it could have been more exciting.

Then we have Erza briefly fighting against her tragic love interest Jellal, and nearly dying with him when Etherion is fired at the tower. She is tricked. The whole thing then transitions to another fight and eventually Natsu vs. Jellal. I have to admit, the whole fight with Jellal and Natsu was actually pretty good. The point where Natsu eats Etherion does not bother me necessarily but he only ate a small stone, and the whole tower was crystallized. Makes me wonder how things would be if Natsu ate the whole tower...

Aaaand Jellal's defeated, Erza sacrifices herself, the tower is destroyed but Erza lives anyway. Pretty... unusual ending, but not terrible.

Opinionated Review: 7/10

Fighting Festival Arc

This arc is personally one of my favorite arcs, as well as Oracion Seis Arc.

Okay, aside from the new Guild building, firstly we saw two old S-Class Mages from Phantom Lord come switch to Fairy Tail. Wow. What a kick in the face that must be for Jose! So, we got Gajeel and Juvia; nice choices, especially Gajeel. Now, as the guild celebrates and the PL former members try making new friends with everyone, here comes Laxus insanely furious with how his guild is being remarked by others. He claims he'll take it all for his own; damn, must be serious.

So, here's what Laxus does. He gathers his Thunder God Tribe legion and has several female members of Fairy Tail petrified by Evergreen's magic, then blackmailing the rest of the guild into fighting each other if they still want the girls safe. So... the ignorant people in the guild all decide to fight each other, while the sane ones such as Makarov is locked inside the building thanks to Freed's runes. And the only way to stop it all is if Makarov makes Laxus a guild master. Pretty thought-out, Laxus. Nakama Dragneel tries to save the day but luckily, he can't do anything either. Brief moment of happiness there for me. But then here's Gajeel who can't do anything either. He was inside the building the whole time. At least for a while. And he didn't do anything? Guess he had a secret grudge inside him there, maybe because of Jet and Droy or even Natsu. But eventually, Erza manages to unpetrify herself because of some effect in her magical right eye (or left, can't remember which). What a miracle! And somewhat typical seeing as she's a main heroine! So, Erza goes out and fights against Evergreen, but then uses sheer intimidation and slight physical offense to make her remove the spell on the others. So... Evergreen does, the others are freed, and they find out that they have to save the rest of the town. And because of Laxus' good thinking, doing so would be difficult as attacking the Lacrima that can destroy the town would cause the same amount of damage to the user who first attacked. Nevertheless, Fairy Tail decides to go forward with this plan. Reckless, maybe?

So, now we got the other Thunder God Tribe members to fight: Bickslow and Freed. Bickslow fights Lucy & Loke, winning a majority of the battle until Loke finally showed up and helped. Freed got into a serious brawl with the Satan Soul Mirajane, who is revealed to be a lot stronger than she was taken for, and he nearly got his ass kicked until Mirajane remembered the kindness within herself and convinced him not to hurt his friends. And in the meantime, Levy helps rewrite the runes trapping Gajeel and Natsu so now they go to a Cathedral and fight Laxus.

But prior, Laxus was already fighting the most mysterious person in the Fairy Tail guild: Mystogan. And apparently, Mystogan looks exactly like Jellal. Shocking, even for Mystogan (guessing at this time he's never seen his own face?) Erza and Natsu arrived coincidentally at that moment, and afterwards Mystogan leaves suddenly. So does Erza, so she can destroy all the lacrima around. Erza ends up destroying a lot of them while her guildmates take care of the rest, eventually causing them all to take serious injury because of the spell Laxus put on the lacrima. So... yay, for that!

Anyways, while the Lacrima all got destroyed, Natsu fights Laxus and eventually he gets his ass saved by Gajeel. When both Dragon Slayers gang up on Laxus, Laxus reveals himself to be a Dragon Slayer with the Lightning Element and seriously knocks the hell out of them. He then uses Fairy Law on all of Magnolia Town, despite Levy's already pitiful attempts to stop him, but apparently Laxus still cares for FT? A little disappointing, actually. And then later, Laxus ends up being defeated by Nakama Dragneel...


And then, he's excommunicated and leaves just after the Fantasia Parade, where he has a little teary moment about his actions. Aww. Poor Laxus. While I wasn't necessarily pleased with how Laxus... ended like this, everything else about the arc was very well-done. Good writing, artwork, quotes, fights. Maybe not at the end where Nakama Dragneel saves the day again, but oh well.

And I won't review the rest because that's more of an aftermath of this arc, apologies.

Opinionated Review: 8.5/10

Oracion Seis Arc

Personally a favorite arc. Why? We got a small Dark Guild, yet very powerful one.

We have two sides in this one: Light Team & Oracion Seis.

Light Team, at the start, was RAPED by the Oracion Seis (not literally, of course). They literally could not stand a chance whatsoever. Maybe they could, had Ichiya and Jura been there, but both apparent "aces" had been quickly defeated themselves so I'm not sure how much different it could have been if they were. It's possible that Brain could have gotten involved himself, but truthfully that's not something I can confirm.

Now, here we have Wendy Marvell. A 12 year-old Sky Dragon Slayer Lolita who's needed by the Oracion Seis to revive Jellal Fernandes, who was discovered and found somehow, which Wendy does because she had a past with "Jellal." Wendy is then rescued by Natsu and Carla because she now has to heal Erza from the poison of Oracion Seis pet, Cuberos. She does, all goes well, and now we're speeding up a bit and shortening things.

Gray and Lyon face off against the "fastest" Mage, Racer, who is actually using Slowing Magic to slow down his opponents. Now if that's the case, here's what I'm thinking. His attacks, which can be like a few dozen kicks, require him to move back and forth nonstop and attack. I think with his Magic, he can slow things down so that he can take a short break for himself, but if not, he has some damn good stamina. Racer is defeated but he commits suicide via self-explosion and Lyon apparently goes down with him, until it was then proven otherwise. We follow with Hoteye vs. Jura and Hoteye eventually teaming up with the Light Team, effectively leaving his own guild. So then we got most of the Trimens losing to Midnight. Then Lucy vs. Angel, who killed Karen Lilica, with Lucy having her little moment and winning (because of Hibiki). If Lucy was able to win on her own, I'd have more respect for her in this part, but she didn't, so it's a no-go.

Speeding forward... now, we learn about Wendy's past with "Jellal", interesting, then we have Erza remeet Jellal, who actually lost his memories. Even more interesting. Moving on again...

Okay, blah blah, and now Natsu's fighting Cobra. I was very disappointed with how my favorite character Cobra lost in this fight. Okay, he had a good start and managed to throw some heavy kicks and punches on Natsu, showing that Cobra's pretty efficient in hand-to-hand combat, and has a rather cool form of Dragon Slayer Magic: Poison. Now, the fight went really good until towards the end when he lost. I wouldn't be disappointed if he won, even against Natsu, but how he lost is what kinda pissed me off a bit. He was defeated because Natsu got angry and started screaming; pretty much damaging his ears a bit. And then, when he was about to finish Natsu off, here comes Brain putting him down. A bit annoying... but, I guess I have to deal with it.

Now afterwards, we follow with another battle: Brain vs. Jura. Jura finally shows his awesome power and shows us why he deserves title of Wizard Saint before defeating the Oracion Seis guildmaster. Klodoa, another member, meets Team Natsu following this event. Concurrently, Erza and Jellal encounter Midnight, and as we expected, it was Erza vs. Midnight and Erza wins. Now, something more interesting happens.

An alternative personality of Brain called Zero awakens, having been sealed off. This is kinda... normal, for certain Animanga series I've seen. Well, anyway, Zero proves to be an all-out destructive type of guy, being more than ready to fire Nirvana towards Cait Shelter. We see most of Team Natsu, plus Ichiya and Jellal, getting ready the six Lacrima that power Nirvana. I'd say the main show in this part of the arc is the Natsu vs. Zero, with Natsu of course winning after entering Dragon Mode thanks to Jellal. Eventually, Nirvana is destroyed... and the Rune Knights appear to apprehend Oracion Seis and Jellal.

Okay, and then it's revealed that Cait Shelter is not really a guild; and that almost all the members are just projected illusions aside from Wendy, Carla, and Roubaul. The fact that a single man was able to make a fake guild, apparently one with moving and solid people, for years is too unbelievable to be true, if you ask me. The fact that, in this case, it was, is slightly ridiculous.

Opinionated Review: 8.5/10

Edolas Arc

Somehow, I feel this is the Alice in Wonderland arc of Fairy Tail.

Opinionated Review: 6/10

Tenrou Island Arc

Grimoire Heart should have won, not Fairy Tail. Period.

Opinionated Review: 3.5/10

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