Welcome to the MLP Festival!

Don't ask why this is here! Just go with it!

Glass avatar

Gwen and I came up with a great idea. We should all change our avatars to a pony from MLP for a week in honor of the fictional, but wiki-related Pony Festival. Now, you can be any type of pony. An Earth Pony, Pegasus, or Unicorn. Just change your avatars to one of them for an entire week (or more, if you want). You and other users can share the same pony avatar, as long as it's not completely identical or whatever.

The festival has no purpose, really, other than to promote ponies and if you're Oz, GTFO.

So yeah, just change for a week... starting officially on August 20, 2012, UTC time.

But... it's fine to start today. :D

Also... ignore the floating message to the right...

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