So today is THE DAY!!

  • Igneel, Metallicana and Grandine dissapeared.
  • Layla Heartfilia passed away.
  • Lucy joined Tairy Tail.

and now...

  • According to Levy's narration (I'm loving it) 7/7/X791 will be "The Day" as well :o

I liked last manga chapter. It was a transition chapter but something is sure now:

  • Zeref
  • Raven Tail
  • The Magic Council
  • Sabertooth
  • The Kingdom Of Fiore
  • Mermaid Heel *
  • Yukino(?)

Now FT has a bunch of enemies, and this is getting fucking awesome.

I think MH will get mad at Erza and FT for being allies with Jellal (I see some kind of "Kagura vs Erza" or "Kagura beats Erza and Ultear comes to the rescue while we have an akward Erza vs Milliana" in the horizon line)

And now about the anime:

  • I liked the OP!!! :D I've always liked side stories and secondary characters, and I'm particulary looking forward to seeing Laki and Gildarts fight.
  • Oracion Fail was ok enough... but was Erigor necesary? :/
  • KinanaxCobra :D
  • Michelle seems to be some kind of spirit, or mayble she'll die, which is unlikely in Mashima's world.
  • I'm curious about that creepy girl walking on fire.
  • Mirajane ♥ too bad it was a short battle :(
  • I wanted Kinana to perform some kind of Take Over and become Cubelios
  • Erza, Wendy, Cana and Charle play the clowns in this arc.
  • LADIES AN GENTLEMAN I ANNOUNCE TODAY, 7/7/2012, AS THE DAY BLOOD WAS SHOWN IN A FT EPISODE (yeah it was octopus's blood but who cares, BLOOD!! :D)

Anyway, enjoy your FT day :D

Until next week :)

Emmanuel (Gildarts88)

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