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FT Anime 137 Review

So, I just finished watching chapter 137.

-Samuel was a skilled fighter but he had a weak point (everyone in the legion looked so OP at first, but now they all seem weak to me). -I missed Gajeel's "Gi-Hii" :D -Shadow Gear Team is back :o -The Strauss siblings found the piece but Mary intercepted them, I guess this will be a cool fight. -Dan's story: OMG can't they just kill him or something? He's not THAT funny anymore. -Byro appears, and he's gonna kick some asses before being beaten. -Coco is having moral issues, predictable -_-

OK chapter. It was more like a transition kind.


Best Moment: Virgo and Dan dancing (LMAO I just couldn't stop laughing. Virgo ur the best)

On a side note: Does anyone else think that Michelle will end up being just a traitor?

Till next week :)


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