The fifth and final day of the Daimatou Enbu is on! Sabertooth is close to winning, with 55 points, and Fairy Tail having 54 points. Now, the final battle between Team Fairy Tail A's reserve member, Grinch and Team Sabertooth's reserve member Minerva. The battle rages on between the two angry members. Who will take home the gold and win the Grand Magic Games? Grinch of Fairy Tail? or Minerva of Sabertooth? Let's find out!

Gauzz: Before the final battle begins, let's interview the most notorious member of Fairy Tail, Grinch!

The crowd applauds at Grinch as the camera turns to him.

Gauzz: Hello, Mr. Grinch.

Grinch: Hello.

Gauzz: Now, Mr. Grinch. How have you prepared for the last and final day of the Daimatou Enbu?

Grinch: Training, and the will, of course.

Gauzz: If Fairy Tail wins this event, what one-liner would you give as a guild motto?

Grinch: Join the bloody queue.

Gauzz: Uhh... Okay... I guess that's that.

The camera turns to Gauzz.

Gauzz: I guess that's Grinch. The quiet type, but he's strong just like every member. Now, let's move on to the tigress, Minerva!

Gauzz and the cameraman walks over to Minerva.

Gauzz: Hello, Minerva.

Minerva: Greetings.

Gauzz: Before the raging battle begins, let me ask you a few questions if you don't mind.

Minerva: Ask away, I don't mind.

Gauzz: What are your plans if Sabertooth wins the event?

Minerva: I would likely use that piece of trash girl as a tampon.

Gauzz: Okay... and if in case Sabertooth loses, what are your plans?

Minerva: Take revenge, of course. I'd be ready to take on one's life.

The camera turns back at Gauzz

Gauzz: Okay...that's Minerva, using her opponents for her own weird fetishes! Before we formally begin the battle, we'd like to welcome three guests from the different realm: video games! Now, we better make this quick introduce them to the audiences. First up, he's from the world of warfare, deception and the front lines. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the primary antagonist of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Raul Menendez!

The camera turns to Menendez as the crowd applaud for him. Menendez yells "Cordis Die", causing the audiences to applaud more and chant the same line Menendez said. Menendez sits next to the judges.

Menendez: Buenos días, mi amígos! It is an honor to be invited in this prestigious event in the world of Fairy Tail. Ah, yes!

Gauzz: Second up, she is the one of the most...I repeat, one of the most beautiful girl in Demacia, tying with the famous Miss Fortune! Having a petite body and more than a billion followers on Twitter, she uses her beauty to lure men alike. Having a good attitude, she's the kitsune that you'd want to have as a girlfriend. Please welcome the smoking-hot beauty of League of Legends, Ahri!

Ahri enters and she blows a kiss as she winks, causing Sting, Rogue, Gray, Natsu and Jellal to stare at her. Erza crosses her arms as she look at Jellal. Jellal notices and he stops looking at Ahri.

Sting tries to get Rogue's attention by using his left elbow to gently hit Rogue's right arm. He starts to begin to talk with Rogue in a whispering manner as he stares at Ahri's petite body.

Sting: Hey Rogue. Rogue.. ROGUE!

Rogue: What is it now, Sting?!

Sting: Look at that body...tell me her name, Rogue.

Rogue: Why the bloody hell are you asking me that, Sting? Don't you ever listen on what the announcer say?

Sting: I couldn't because of her really sexy body!

Rogue: Your problem, not mine.

Sting: Damn it, I was just trying to ask.

Rufus notices the commotion between the Twin Dragons and he scolds the two in order to cease the commotion as he approaches.

Rufus: Both of you, enough of the womanizing. We're here to watch our comrade, not to hunt for beautiful women.

Sting: (whisper) You don't have manly attitude.

Rogue: Damn straight.

Ahri: Helloooooooooo and goooooooooooood morning, Earth Land! This colorful event really made my tails tingle! Thanks for inviting me here to watch!

Ahri, again blows a kiss at everyone. The Trimens notice Ahri, and they stand up. They raced against each other down to the arena in order to meet and hit on Ahri. Ahri notices the Trimens racing down and she begins to cast her Fox-Fire spell. Three fires flew to pursue the three members. The fires explode, causing the three to faint.

Ahri: Jenjang, geudeul-iya... (Shit, it's them...)

Ahri sits beside Raul Menendez, who sits next to the judges.

Gauzz: And last, but not the least! A noblemen from the colorful European skies. He's no ordinary Italian, he is Ezio Auditore da...Firenze!

Ezio enters the stage as the audiences stand and raise their fists as a sign of respect to the famed Italian Assassin.

Ezio: Vittoria agli Assassini! (Victory to the Assassins!) An utmost thanks for inviting me in this vigorous event! I hope everyone will be satisfied on today's battle for honor, for the guild and for strength!

Ezio sits beside Ahri, who is sitting beside Menendez. The camera turns to Gauzz.

Gauzz: Okay, I'm sure you are all excited to see the two furious members from two rival guilds compete! We would like to have some words from the guests on about how they feel being invited and wholeheartedly welcomed to watch the guilds contest for strength, fame and profit. First off, we'd like to have some words with the antagonist of Black Ops 2, Raul Menendez. Sir Menendez?

Menendez: It's been nice to be invited on this event. Uhh.. and don't forget to buy Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 which would be available for purchase in Earth Land, next Monday. Thanks.

Gauzz: Okay, let's move on to the famous Italian, Ezio Auditore! Signore Ezio, what brings you here to watch the final day of the Daimatou Enbu?

Ezio: The strength of many skilled warriors, such as myself are excited to compete or watch others as they struggle for the three rewards the event promises. And I think the audiences would be eager to meet the man who put the Borgias out of pasture.

Gauzz: Thanks, Signore Ezio. And now, let's move on to the sexy sorceress of Demacia, Ahri! Now, miss Ahri. What brings you here on the prestigious Daimatou Enbu?

Ahri: Ummm, well. *giggles* I have recently heard that there's one mage in Fiore who is handsome, clever, strong and bad... I like handsome, strong, clever, and agile bad boys. Especially that one, from Fairy Tail.

Ahri points at Grinch, who is seen equipping his personal Armor of Altair with his Requip magic. Grinch then unsheathes his sword. He sighs, retaining his calm demeanor.

Gauzz: Let the final battle between Sabertooth's member Minerva, and the lion of Fairy Tail, Grinch...BEGIN!

Grinch: Минерва.. Ад ждет тебя (Minerva... hell awaits you.)

Gajeel: What the hell is he saying?

Minerva: Let's get this on already, bastard.

Minerva angrily rushes to Grinch, while casting Ih Ragdo. Grinch dodges the attack with a side jump, then performs a cut at Minerva's right nape.

Again, Minerva attempts to cast Ih Ragdo. She again fails as Grinch continues on wounding her arms with his sword.

Minerva: Bastard! You're going to pay! Ih Ragdo!

Minerva again casts Ih Ragdo. She finally captures Grinch in the bubble, throwing him around whilst torturing him with magic. Grinch feels no pain as he is being tortured by the Sabertooth woman.

Erza: This is bad... He isn't like this, on the earlier events...

Minerva: Now, go get them bastards, Sabertooth.

Minerva: Sabertooth almost kicked Fairy Tail off...

Minerva: Sabertooth almost killed Lucy...

Minerva: Sabertooth kicked Yukino...

As Minerva continues to toy around with Grinch, he has flashbacks of Minerva torturing Lucy, avenging Yukino and killing Jiemma. He then gets angry, remaining the calm demeanor. A smirk broke his face then the flashbacks end.

Minerva: And now, Sabertooth is coming for you.

Grinch: No...

Grinch got himself out of the bubble.

Minerva: What?!

As Minerva got distracted, Grinch puts away his sword, causing him to rush at Minerva in full speed, beating her down with his bare hands.

Grinch: Don't be an idiot. You suffer with me.

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