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    Rest in peace...

    April 23, 2013 by Gauzz Rifle
    Pro tip: Play the song in order to increase the sadness. :')

    A pleasant day to everyone. This is about the funeral of our dearest friend from the Fairy Tail guild, Grinch.

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    Gauzz: Okay, I don't know how to start..but Grinch is a dead man now. In an attempt to obliterate Acnologia, he sacrificed his life for Earth Land, through that piece of Eden he has in hand before. That, my friends, is an honorable death.

    He was Fairy Tail's killing machine since he has entered the guild. He knows what everyone says about death: that you would or should be digging two damn graves. He wasn't just a mage, womanizer, warrior or everything you'd want to call him. He's…

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    The fifth and final day of the Daimatou Enbu is on! Sabertooth is close to winning, with 55 points, and Fairy Tail having 54 points. Now, the final battle between Team Fairy Tail A's reserve member, Grinch and Team Sabertooth's reserve member Minerva. The battle rages on between the two angry members. Who will take home the gold and win the Grand Magic Games? Grinch of Fairy Tail? or Minerva of Sabertooth? Let's find out!

    Gauzz: Before the final battle begins, let's interview the most notorious member of Fairy Tail, Grinch!

    The crowd applauds at Grinch as the camera turns to him.

    Gauzz: Hello, Mr. Grinch.

    Grinch: Hello.

    Gauzz: Now, Mr. Grinch. How have you prepared for the last and final day of the Daimatou Enbu?

    Grinch: Training, and the will, of…

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