• Gauldros

    Chapter 299... I liked it.

    September 14, 2012 by Gauldros

    First off, none of you probably know me, since I'm a fairly silent member. So I suppose my opinion may not having much credence here, but I thought I should throw in my alternative two-cents.

    I actually really enjoyed this chapter. While I agree it did nothing to progress the story, we should have all expected that to some point. I also agree the skeleton of the story wasn't particularly interesting, since it's been done and done before.

    But I LIKED it.

    I thought it was A) Interesting to do a silent chapter and B) I thought it was really funny. Fairy Tail has been one of the few I follow every week, but for me it started fading recently since FT was always supposed to be a drama and COMEDY manga. Chapters like this really get back to it's …

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