well this is a game we have 3 level 1 for easy 2 for medium and lastly for hard EASY 1.Natsu________ 2.who is happys rival mirajane a EMO GOTH OR SIMPLE and why 4.whos line is this MEN 5.whos line is this KUMENOSAI MEDIUM 1.who is canas rival in tenrou island acnologia related to zeref and why igneel in disguise if yes y? and no y? 4.who is the new 3 spirits 5.what guild yukino aguria does fit? HARD 1.summary of one arc 2.who has the least participation on fairy tail guild 3.summary of two arc 4.erza x ?? and why? 5.for 50 pts give 5 summary of different arc only 10 contestants this is batch one apply starts now NAME AGE FAVE FAIRY TAIL CHARACTER FAVE ARC

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