Fairy Tail 432: The Loving Briar

Briar rages onto the battlefield to ask Gray why he's breaking up with her and if what they had meant nothing to him. Gray with no tact says he was playing her and the rest of Avatar just to get close to E.N.D. but wouldn't do things their way. He would be able to face his dad if he did.

Meanwhile, Taurus gets a stomach ache and asks Lucy for a bathroom break. Lucy turns to strike him for his incompetence, but soon she catches the same stomach ache and begins complaining. It's revealed that the outbreak of this stomach bug is Mary. Her super power is to give you the runs when there isn't bathroom for miles. Lucy now being a legitimate fighter begins her comeback until Mary tells she can focus her virus at her brain. Really would've been useful about 3 or 4 chapters ago. Y'Know, when you had the chance.

Wendy listens in on Mary's monologue long enough to create a remedy for Lucy. Dr. Marvel M.D. at your service. After being treated with 1000cc's of Badass, Lucy gives Mary her vengeance via "Stomach's Grudge: Lucy Punch". After claiming another victory for Team Natsu, Happy questions why Wendy and Charle are here.

                                      Cue next scene.

Briar, still anguishing over Gray stomping on her feelings, ups her anti by showing off her skills. Unfortunately, our hopes for this fight dashed by seeing the Four of the Seven Dwarfs replace her. Horny, Pissed Off, Depressed, & Happy Happy Joy Joy get into a fighting formation to take on Gray.

After hearing Briar's confession of love, Gray is now dumbstruck and disappointed because he thought Briar was a threat. Juvia then comes from the shadows to Pimp smack Horny and asserts her place as Gray's lover. Gray finishes off Happy Happy Joy Joy, Depressed and Pissed Off by putting them on ice. Juvia clings to Gray after not seeing him in over a fortnight and sings to gray about how no mountain is high enough, no valley is low enough, and how no river is wide enough to keep her from getting to him.

Realizing Juvia's devotion and love, Gray promises to explain everything when this is over. Igneel said the same thing to Natsu before being shot out of the sky by Acnologia. Don't get shot this time.

It's also revealed that Wendy can use Dragon Force at will. The next Omake or OVA should be about Natsu being taught Dragon Force by Wendy. Everyone else fends off Avatar while the soldiers by AirLock (Arlock) realize their outmatched and outclassed. Airlock however, just stands there sipping his tea pretending none of this is his business. Natsu interjects into the conversation saying how Fairy Tail is Number 1 and how Avatar can suck it.

Airlock runs out of tea and says everything is going according to plan and will begin the next phase. So all in all, Airlock planned for a complete and utter annihilation of his troops with the idea that Zeref will come if he senses enough bloodshed from Avatar instead of a city. Good plan so far.

I had high hopes for Briar, but it wouldn't be. On the plus side, Juvia's back to full health and Wendy can use Dragon force. Maybe it was better to see her growth now than when she was with Lamia Scale.

Score: 7/10

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