My Sword Is...

431 begins with Gray and Natsu channeling their inner friendship power to fend off Avatar's numbers. It's what were all used to, however it is a welcoming sight nonetheless. But, the real question on everyone's mind is, "Will Lucy finally be a formidable foe?" "Will she be a threat?" "Does she have the power?"

The answer is YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES! I was happy to see Lucy being able to hold her own with a smile on her face. Must be feeling pretty good about life right now. But would it be a short-lived victory? Out of nowhere an Avatar goon attempts to strike from behind.....Only to be turned into an icicle by Gray. Now that's the superpower of team work.

Now when reading 431, listen to "The Touch" by Stan Bush because the song signifies Team Natsu's power. The upper crust of Avatar watch in shock and awe of what they're seeing and decide it's time to step in before this is called a slaughter.So Briar, Mary, D6, & Abel make their way toaward Natsu, Gray and Lucy. "Scruffy" (Jerome) goes to confront Erza who is currently channeling her inner Kratos...minus the bloody gore fest.

Speaking of, Erza is seen beating down some goons, but in a new armor?! What?! This is inconceivable! To think that Erza is this powerful without wearing the Friendship armor! Unbelievable! But believe it. Erza is chopping down foes like cherry trees in a new armor and everyone is loving every minute of it.

Erza stops for a moment and asks the soldiers if they're gluttons for punishment. Scruffy interrupts by attempting to strike Erza. Scruffy begins a short-lived monologue about his sword being consumed in darkness and how it's the midas touch of death. Erza unfazed says her sword can hit you...without hitting you. I believe Erza trained with Chuck Norris for a while. 431 ends Scruffy's defeat and Erza carrying on with business a usual.

I am disappointed with Scruffy losing so easily, but I can forgive it because we got to see Lucy kicking ass & taking names, and Erza wearing armor that isn't friendship powered.

Score 7/10

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