• GK2151

    Briar rages onto the battlefield to ask Gray why he's breaking up with her and if what they had meant nothing to him. Gray with no tact says he was playing her and the rest of Avatar just to get close to E.N.D. but wouldn't do things their way. He would be able to face his dad if he did.

    Meanwhile, Taurus gets a stomach ache and asks Lucy for a bathroom break. Lucy turns to strike him for his incompetence, but soon she catches the same stomach ache and begins complaining. It's revealed that the outbreak of this stomach bug is Mary. Her super power is to give you the runs when there isn't bathroom for miles. Lucy now being a legitimate fighter begins her comeback until Mary tells she can focus her virus at her brain. Really would've been use…

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  • GK2151

    431 begins with Gray and Natsu channeling their inner friendship power to fend off Avatar's numbers. It's what were all used to, however it is a welcoming sight nonetheless. But, the real question on everyone's mind is, "Will Lucy finally be a formidable foe?" "Will she be a threat?" "Does she have the power?"

    The answer is YES, YES, A THOUSAND TIMES YES! I was happy to see Lucy being able to hold her own with a smile on her face. Must be feeling pretty good about life right now. But would it be a short-lived victory? Out of nowhere an Avatar goon attempts to strike from behind.....Only to be turned into an icicle by Gray. Now that's the superpower of team work.

    Now when reading 431, listen to "The Touch" by Stan Bush because the song signif…

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  • GK2151

    My beef with Elfman

    April 22, 2015 by GK2151

    I'm sure I not the only one who noticed this.

    Back in the end of the Tartaros Arc, we see the guild members gathering back at the crater that was the guild. We see Elfman still upset with himself over almost killing everyone. But Lisanna tries to console him by saying it wasn't his fault.

    BUT IT WAS. It's up for debate if he was being controlled by Sayla, but I believe he was in control the whole time. I assume that he was aware of everything and decided in his heart of hearts to kill the guild members in e xchange of his sister. Most likely because he wouldn't be able to handle being the cause of Lisanna's death. Twice. (Well, maybe one because of the events of Edolas, but he was still hurting).

    It still doesn't excuse any one of them for …

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