Kagura's calm nature


The RoKa (Rogue x Kagura) pairing is something that has been intriguing me a lot lately. Not much has happened between the two, to not say nothing, but cartain analysis hints me they'd be compatible.


Rogue silently realizes that Sabertooth is completely devoid of camaraderie


  • Both, Rogue and Kagura, seem to present a very reticent personality, which hints one to think they are not very fond of people in general, with the exception of the ones they are close to (Sting/Millianna respectively).
    • It is remarkable, however, how both find occasionally irking their comrades' cheerful nature; fact that hints they feel more comfortable as individuals or around people with similar personalities to their own.
  • Behind their strong emotionless facade, both seem to hide inner strong feelings.
    • Remarkable is Kagura's love towards her brother, Simon, and how she searched for him for so many years, to later attempt to avenge him at any cost after the latter's death.
    • Notable is the strong bond between Rogue and Frosch, since apparently, the death of this Exceed is what catapults the Dragon Slayer to be consumed by the shadows.
  • Rogue's personality slightly resembles Simon's; an initial emotionless facade followed by a softer side that deeply cares for the ones he's close to.
    • This resemblance is the one that could make Kagura feel certain interest towards the male.


Despite not officially meeting so far, both seem to share similar personalities; personalities that, judging by the way they are portrayed, seem compatible. Not much more can be proved without jumping into an hypothetical scenario (something I won't do since I like sticking to facts), but judging from what is shown so far, I think the scenario of Rogue and Kagura becoming a potential pairing in case they met, could be possible.


Ideas about the topic? Comments? Let me know what you think about it! Thank you.

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