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    Rogue x Kagura

    July 30, 2013 by FutureCyborg18

    The RoKa (Rogue x Kagura) pairing is something that has been intriguing me a lot lately. Not much has happened between the two, to not say nothing, but cartain analysis hints me they'd be compatible.

    • Both, Rogue and Kagura, seem to present a very reticent personality, which hints one to think they are not very fond of people in general, with the exception of the ones they are close to (Sting/Millianna respectively).
      • It is remarkable, however, how both find occasionally irking their comrades' cheerful nature; fact that hints they feel more comfortable as individuals or around people with similar personalities to their own.
    • Behind their strong emotionless facade, both seem to hide inner strong feelings.
      • Remarkable is Kagura's love towards her br…

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