This entire Fairy Tail arc just does not make any sense and is a complete waste of a filler, as well as hinders the future of the story, because Fairy Tail will never be able to be looked at the same way. Let us start with the whole concept of the arc — Lucy’s spirits transformed into entities that do not want anything to do with Lucy or humans, they want “perfect freedom”. The problem with that is, that even if later in the arc it is revealed that they were somehow coerced, that still affects it. The spirits of Lucy’s were not just regular spirits, it was not just a contract between Lucy and her spirits, it went deeper than that. They had a kind of bond that made others forget a contract even existed, because the spirits did not need a contract to protect and value Lucy. All of the battles are just a complete joke. Gray had to dance battle, Natsu and Wendy were getting beaten by medical related equipment, Levy had to answer trivia questions, and Lucy was running away because Virgo was threatening her with food condiments. Perhaps a different television program can run with that type of storyline and it could get by, but the fact that the program that is doing this is Fairy Tail, that changes the entire scenario. You are coming out of an arc where Natsu just rode a dragon made of fire, befriended him which resulted in part of the retaliation, and ate its flames and used it as his own — to then air an episode where he cannot break out of a few stethoscopes. When you look at Lucy’s situation, it is understandable why she out of everyone is nervous since her offense and defense usually depend on her spirits. The reason it does not fit with the rest of the Fairy Tail storyline, is that Lucy is not the same nervous, out of place, girl she started as. Lucy became so much more throughout the series, she no longer is completely defenseless without her spirits, and she tries to see the good in things many times. But, she is running away from Virgo’s transformation who is threatening her with food and sauces? Now what about one of the first battles, Elfman’s. He was able to defeat Taurus’ transformation because he could not stand sweat on him — this is coming from one of the spirits that fought to not be controlled by someone other than Lucy. When someone was trying to manipulate Taurus to hurt Lucy, he fought and even hurt himself in the process, just to ensure Lucy’s safety. The examples can continue throughout the whole arc, but all I want to know is, when is the old Fairy Tail coming back? When their dialogue actually meant something, and not always did there have to be dialogue — at times, the silence said it all. This arc’s dialogues, do not give room for pondering or actually gives anything to ponder upon. The cliché forms of expression that have been taken on during this arc makes Fairy Tail seem just like most anime, and not in a good way. The character’s expression before depicted what they were feeling — because they did not always express themselves verbally. It made the show seem real, brought the characters to life. The arc of today, contains silly expressions that are just a joke all around, even in its “serious” situations. Give back the old Fairy Tail.

--Fresaa (talk) 19:47, December 21, 2014 (UTC) Fresaa TM

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