Top 10 best characters

please don´t make bad intented comments, i don´t like being judged so i dont judge others as well thnks in advance.

10º-Hughes: i know he is kind of dumb and impressionable but some an unknown reason i kinda like him

9º-Wendy: she is a powerfull magician but she is just too young to recognise her powers, and she is such a kind soul and i like those characters.

8º-Elfman: he is so annoying with the man story but he has sense of pride and a soft side towards his friends and i love annoying characters if they have a background story for it, elfman has lisanna's incident.

7º-Mirajane: a person virtually impossible to annoy or piss off but when she does better run for your lifes XD, she has a lot of power, she just doesn't use it and that's cool

6º-Gajeel: He is is very rough around the edges but his intentions are good although at first site he is a very bad man.

5º-Meredy: Unconditional love towards ultear even after all her mistakes, willing to sacrifice herself for a greater cause, she could be called gullible or naive but it takes courage and a big heart to do it. She is a very powerfull child and it's really cool.

4º Coco: don´t be harsh on me but even if she had a really small part in the story, didn't have cool powers she still fought back against the kingdom to protect lily and that takes a lot of courage, an innocent soul... and besides she is always running around the palace and that's really funny XD,.

3º RustyRose: totally different from my usual favorites but i just loved his powers, turning enything he imagines into reality c'mon that's AWESOME and he is kinda of a psycho and i like that.

2º-Juvia: Passionate, insane, loyal, powerfull and a kind heart. I rest my case

1º-Freed: i know it's kinda stupid but i love everything about him, clothing, personality, powers, hair and weapons FREED FOREVER

And now the ones i don't like(being 10 the most acceptable and 1 the worst)

10º-Natsu: i never liked the main characters and natsu is just a meathead that wins everything without thinking. nuff said

9ºZancrow: same as above but doesnt win always, and he is just another natsu.

8º-Ichiya: i like annoying but he is just to much, he's not the charming annoying guy he is the grose annoying guy.

7ºFukuro(owl guy from tower of heaven): creeps me out. plain and simple

6º-Aquarius: she is a bitch that always puts down lucy, even envolving her in her attacks, without sense of friendship

5º-Charle: Snoty little cat thinks she is better than everyone else

4º-Evergreen: Basicly the same as charle, but she is more hatefull because she acts as she rules the place.

3º-Zoldeo: Coward taking over caprico, such a loyal being corrupted by a zombie guy.

2º-Faust: a Psycho that would take loads of lives for his own benefit, but at least at the end he fell with grace.

1º-Racer: without a specific reason i just don't like him he is a cheater and acts as if he literally runs (XD RUNS get it) the world and when he lost he tried to take out lyon i hate that bastaRd.

Extra 3: Ithink these guys are cool but they have vbalanced likes and dislikes but i'll put them anyway

Bixlow: cool powers but dont like the personality

Midnight: Same thing but he has much cooler power and he is ignorant of his weaknesses

Byro: cool arsenal but he isw a despicable person.

And there you have it comment and say your opinion but dont be mean.

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