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    Well guys with this new competition we have a series of new characters introduced and right now i would like to start guessing theyr powers, the ones i just cant wait to see are the pshycho girl and steampunk tophat dude from raventail and the green haired dude from sabertooth. Now the mermaid heel, quatro cerberus and the rabbit of course i want to see theyr names and abbilities but i dont think they are going to have much importance to the tournament, all i can guess is that the psycho has something related to animals, and the steampunk probabçy steals energy from others like he did with wendy( pooor little girl) tell me what you think

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  • Frankengiggity

    Top 10 best characters

    please don´t make bad intented comments, i don´t like being judged so i dont judge others as well thnks in advance.

    10º-Hughes: i know he is kind of dumb and impressionable but some an unknown reason i kinda like him

    9º-Wendy: she is a powerfull magician but she is just too young to recognise her powers, and she is such a kind soul and i like those characters.

    8º-Elfman: he is so annoying with the man story but he has sense of pride and a soft side towards his friends and i love annoying characters if they have a background story for it, elfman has lisanna's incident.

    7º-Mirajane: a person virtually impossible to annoy or piss off but when she does better run for your lifes XD, she has a lot of power, she just doesn't us…

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