FANDOM people.... ( -_-)

Allow me to tell you the story of two very special and kawaii users, who on this day were forever joined into holy matrimony. Yes, I'm talking about.... the love story of Remnant13 and Glass Heart.

These two users, very star cross'd in their time, had been formerly betrothed to different users (both shall not be named in this story >_>). Upon their first meeting, one would think t'was a meeting from Henry J. Fate himself. The two instantly had a connection, and their destiny was instantly set in stone. Yes, these two went spiraling down a path every kawaii relationship does. Intense discussion, sharing of hentai manga, cute old-couple arguments that would go on for hours, intense sexual displays of affection (which would often border into the sadistic... <__<), and even the shared bullying of other users.

Yes, though their pairing was absolute and pure, the only ones who denied such a perfect fit was none other than Rem and Glass themselves. Alas, though their relationship had stood the test of both time and space, land and sea, they both share a common trait, among many others- the reluctancy to admit their feelings to each other as well as the rest of the wiki. Though their relationship was obvious, the mere existence of such a kawaii couple put their own existences in danger; One could no longer join chat without someone inquiring about the location of the other. Thus, to save their own dignity as well as keep their ever-blooming love intact, a clever farce was sowed over the wiki chat, in order to cause the other users to believe a boundary between the two was existent. So for now, they remain in PM, embracing their love and cherishing it, far from the reaches of public eyes. So for now, we lie in wait for the day that their love is finally revealed to us the proper way, so that a celebration may finally be held....for the most kawaii couple ever.

Rem Heart 4 evar

Remnant AvatarGlass avatar Hearts This user supports the most kawaii user pairing of Rem Heart.

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