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Best Avis!!!!!

Fintin August 29, 2013 User blog:Fintin

Alright peoples SUCK ON THIS

We're gonna have a competition for FT WIKI BEST AVIS. Can you dig this. CAN YOU?!?!

Anyway. First blog will consist of people nominating 3 different user avis in the comment section below. No, you can't nominate your own avi, or any of your socks' avis. *glares at god* ( -_-)

Second blog will consist of a poll listing the users with the most nominations. whichever 3 gets the most votes will go to the FINALS ROUND.

Third blog will consist of the poll for final 3 avis. You'll vote for whoever you liek best and we'll have OUR WINNER! \(^_^)/


wtf why aren't you NOMINATING?!?!


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