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  • I live in bulgackockkeyl
  • I was born on September 27
  • My occupation is kfukcjinmipongshit
  • I am plasu;fliuflkcku
  • Fintin


    • insert blog here*


    It's episode 2~!!!! \('___')/ Double the fun!!!11!!1!!dsfasf DOUBLE EVERYTHING! except the vocals, but fu

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  • Fintin

    Helloooooo users of Fairy Tail Wiki! I'm Fin, the ever powerful and ever donut, and I'm here to humbly present to you.... Bacon Time with God and Fin! \o/ PARTY TIME BABEH


    ^ (that's what I look like btw tru storeh)

    So here it is:

    Careful, don't get too horny, you'll get your computer all messy ;D

    This is episode 1/5000, so stay tuned for the new episodes coming soon! aaaaand remember kids:


    Edit: Here's our email where you can send us stupid questions that we can ignore

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  • Fintin


    September 15, 2013 by Fintin

    . . . . . . . . . Carrot won. . . . . again. -_-


    You had to make your official vote in the poll, then to make it legitimate, you had to announce who you were voting for in the comment section. IS THAT SO HARD?!?!

    Well, although Mega won in the polls, he didn't have enough legitimate votes while Carrot ended up having the majority.

    So, this best avis poll goes once more to.... Carrot!!!!! \-_-/

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  • Fintin

    BEST AVIS 3!!!!!

    September 8, 2013 by Fintin

    . . . . . . So, by a landslide, Mega and Carrot became the first two finalists... >_> . . . . . and God is the 3rd.

    Well, same rules apply this go around, no voting for yourself, no socks, you must announce your vote in the comments, etc.

    This poll will end on the 12th. I'll announce the winner on the same blog. FIN

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  • Fintin

    BEST AVIS 2!!!!!

    September 3, 2013 by Fintin

    Alriiiight, sorry about getting this one to you guys so late, had some connection problems...

    Since the last blog had some problems with rule-following... ಠ_ಠ I'll make my own decision on whom the candidates will be. Don't worry, it's heavily based on popular choice, but any would-be candidates who CHEATED!!!!! won't become candidates. DEAL WITH IT.

    Soooo, here we go~

    1. Glass Heart 2. Sada 3. Wrath 4. Carrot 5. FTGM 6. Rem

    There you have it. 6 candidates, of which 3 will become the finalists. It could've been more, but SOME people CHEATED!!!

    So, as for the poll, in order to have an eligible vote, you must declare who you've voted for in the comments. EXAMPLE-

    "Godisme's comment- Oh i voted for Fin his avi is fuking awsum, any1 who disagrez wil…

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