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    Ok. I'm here to discuss my theories and whatnot about the different forms of Fairy Tail. THERE WILL BE SPOILERS BEWARE

    Manga I think that the manga is still doing pretty good, contrary to popular belief. I thought the solo Lucy chapters were great. I was actually crying when she had to break her contract with Aquarius. The CSK kicked ass, but I don't think that Mard should have been defeated so easily. I'm pretty excited for chapter 387, cuz the relationship between Gray and Silver will finally be revealed OvO. And Juvia and Gajeel are fighting "for the first time in forever" (sorry my friend just made me watch Frozen (^_^*) ). As for the future of the series, I kind of want Lucy or Natsu to turn out to be E.N.D, So one of them has to kill…

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