Okay First, I love how not all the dragon slayers are good/been good there whole life. I think its really cool how they aren't all like Natsu, protective and good and stuff. Its also pretty cool how the first and third gen get exceeds and I have this theory about why they get sick on vehicles. I think its because they were raised by dragons and because of that they really never experienced people on a vehicle, i also think that when they fly with their exceed they don't get sick because flying with a cat could be like flying with a dragon. But who knows I am most likely wrong, there are most likely a few things that disagree with my theory Second, for some reason why they couldn't defeat a dragon when they had to really fight one is kinda cool. It shows that even tho they use really strong magic thats meant for something they still have to train and work like the others. I sorta would love to see Laxus use dragon force but I know its most likely not going to happen, Because how could someone who hasn't been trained by or met a dragon be as strong as a dragon. I also think Laxus needs some kind of pet. the first and third gen have exceed and Erik[1] got a snake[2] for a short time.

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