So I recently read chapters 400-413. Okay so first of all Igneel showing up had to to like the best thing ever! Igneel sure showed up at the perfect time. I am so glad Igneel had to fight Acnologia instead of someone from fairy tail because if a Fairy Tail member would have fought him everyone would be dead already. I loved Natsu reaction to Igneel showing up too. When Igneel use Dragon's Roar it was so funny to see Natsu's jaw drop. Kyouka's battle with Erza was amazing and annoying. Like when she took away Erza's senses I was like oh no Erza is not going to be able to win now but when Erza kept fighting even with no senses she became my number one favorite female character of all time. I was just in awe reading 403 (Ezra VS. Kyouko) Erza is truly amazing and she just deserves happiness. I kind of wanted to hurt Gray when he wouldn't give Natsu the book with E.N.D in it but then i freaked out when Zeref showed up and took the book. I just can't wait to see what happens next and I really hope there will be no tragic/sad/hard to deal with deaths.

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