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November 1, 2014
  • Fandom Freak002

    Chapter 416

    January 20, 2015 by Fandom Freak002

    So now we know Nastu is end i kinda wonder if the other dragon slayers that were trained by dragons are demons as well because they would explain them not having real parents and stuff

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  • Fandom Freak002

    Chapters 400-413

    December 30, 2014 by Fandom Freak002

    So I recently read chapters 400-413. Okay so first of all Igneel showing up had to to like the best thing ever! Igneel sure showed up at the perfect time. I am so glad Igneel had to fight Acnologia instead of someone from fairy tail because if a Fairy Tail member would have fought him everyone would be dead already. I loved Natsu reaction to Igneel showing up too. When Igneel use Dragon's Roar it was so funny to see Natsu's jaw drop. Kyouka's battle with Erza was amazing and annoying. Like when she took away Erza's senses I was like oh no Erza is not going to be able to win now but when Erza kept fighting even with no senses she became my number one favorite female character of all time. I was just in awe reading 403 (Ezra VS. Kyouko) Erza…

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  • Fandom Freak002

    Okay First, I love how not all the dragon slayers are good/been good there whole life. I think its really cool how they aren't all like Natsu, protective and good and stuff. Its also pretty cool how the first and third gen get exceeds and I have this theory about why they get sick on vehicles. I think its because they were raised by dragons and because of that they really never experienced people on a vehicle, i also think that when they fly with their exceed they don't get sick because flying with a cat could be like flying with a dragon. But who knows I am most likely wrong, there are most likely a few things that disagree with my theory Second, for some reason why they couldn't defeat a dragon when they had to really fight one is kind…

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  • Fandom Freak002

    Natsu VS Leo

    December 27, 2014 by Fandom Freak002

    So in the new episode Natsu and Leo finally fought for real. And it was like the best fight ever but not really. I was so happy when Nastu won and i love how he won. I was waiting for him to eat that stupid darkness flame like the whole episode.

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