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Chapter 341

Now, Hiro has yet to disappoint me with his chapter covers. Perv
We start off the chapter with boobs, boobs and yay; more boobs. And then we find out possibly the two weakest members going a job. By themselves.' That'd be like running through Mexico with your wallet showing, bad things are bound to happen. ಠ_ಠ As expected, thew screw up and Gajeel has to save their asses, and considering how fat Droy is, I'm surprised the rope didn't break.

Moving on, we find out someone has been passing some Initiative Pills around the guild, and Natsu and Gray have gone on a job together and as only Cana would; she brings up the topic of Natsu groping Lucy. :3 Without any explanation from Lucy, Cana decides she want's a piece of that. And lets face it, we all do. Blush
Side Note: Does anyone notice the topic of breasts prompts Levy to inquire about Wendy?! :D

Anyway, the girls think that it's Erza bathing the next pool; only to realize it's Flare in all her sadistic hotness. ಠ◡ಠ Cana decides to attack Flare, nearly causing some kind of lesbian dog fight scene, but she's stopped by Lucy >_> Explaining that Raven Tail's disbandment has left her with no place to go, she casually hairfucks Cana; blushing all the meanwhile. That's Doujin material right there! :#

Now it's time for some nostalgia. Lucy arrives at her house to find Erza and Wendy (screw Carla, useless cat D:< )already there, and even Lucy states that it feels nostalgic. Offering her some of their sweets, Erza explains that their job went well causing Lucy to ask about Natsu and Gray; even though no one really gives a shit about them and their nakama crap. :D

Suddenly their doin' the time warp again~! and arrive at the scene of Natsu and Gray's job, where they've defeated some massive pregnant pig thing. Happy, like some kind of old cat, walks up to the team and asks Carla for help, and we fin out Gray and Natsu are fighting and bullshitting as per usual. Erza tell them to quit it, but they tell her to shut up and knock her out. <Insert super sexist joke here> Erza pulls a weird ass Asian-like face and show's them who's boss. :D

Back at the guild hall, we find out that Natsu and Gray have been requested for a job. By the looks of it, said job is from the uber-powerful broccoli man; who happens to be a part of the Four food groups god of Ishval....

Chapter 342

The chapter of this cover is strange to say the least... This chapter starts off with hills rivers, bunnies, fields and Wendy.ಠ_ಠ But I haven't seen any blood, breasts, fighting or any other kind of questionable content. Not off to a good start Hiro. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ) We swing over to Natsu and Gray, who happen to be fighting over some "eating someones meat", blegh. The only meat eaters I'd want are Sting X Rouge. ಠ◡ಠ Then we get a bullshit explanation we already know... yada yada yada... We need some fighting. >_>
They finally arrive at the house of the 4th God/Broccoli of Ishval. Who happens to be be a broccoli with a sense of humor! See, I called it! Father said I was crazy but I have proved him wrong! ಠ_ರೃ Well he's a tree, but I don't care. Australians are always right! Anyway, I'm already starting to love this guy. Some kind of uber powerful tree troll. *^* His fertilizer must be the shiiit!
Now things be gettin' serious, he explains that he's basically a plant "rooting" (hahahaha) hippie. And he's found a Frozen Village in the Desert?!, this gyu should chill out! >_> and that he wants Natsu and Gray to save it. <Insert Hippie Broccoli Mage's Speech Here> And of course, they accept.
Now.... This shit be getting weird. He send them across the land by Tree-sportation ;D I think he's actually a cannabis plant in disguise, cause that's really freaky. Hippie Tree decides to have a flashback to his guild days where we find out that... holy fuck he's a founding member of FT....

Chapter 343

All I can say this cover and its following page are amazing. :3
The chapter starts with the team speeding along the magic-weed-tree, and they end up in the frozen village; and find out that it's as village of giants. Of course they're shocked and of course they make a reference to Wendy's chest.
All this frozen giant popsicles reminds Gray of Ur and Ultear. >_> Who cares about them? They're dead now. ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)
This chapter only get worse and lamer, when a treasure hunting guild shows up with liquid moon drip (drugs/LSD?). And oh god >_> Minerva shows up with some bullshit guild... >_>

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