• Fajar456

    Fairy Tail

    October 12, 2011 by Fajar456

    Fairy tail is my favorite anime. Fairy tail first started until now many are growing. I am also puzzled why Zeref cry in front of Natsu. I also do not believe that the island Tenrou been destroyed and continued into the new age. After seven years later, no results of casualties on the island of Tenrou. I also have a question for the makers of Fairy Tail Hiro Mashima.

    1. Why is there a mysterious girl on the island of tenrou?
    2. How the Fairy Tail Guild?
    3. Why cry in front Zeref Natsu?
    4. How to Master Fairy tail?
    5. Is Elfman and Evergreen going to get married?
    6. Why Macao Conbolt to become Master Fourth Fairy tail?
    7. Is Acnologia will come back again?
    8. Is Fairy tail will End?

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