• Fairy Tail Shipper

    Hi kids! I know you guys hate welcoming noobs all the time, so no pressure I already know most of you cause I have been visiting the wiki and reading blogs for the past two or three years. I decided to join today cause it is my birthday and also cause I have been interested in the views of a particular user who joined recently. I will make one thing clear, I AM AN ADULT WITH KIDS so be careful about what you say cause I don't stand childish comments that have no point and aren't funny at all. But don't take it too seriously. Lets be good friends. Oh yeah the ones called Rai, Rem, Darinor, Abe, Omega, Reli, Ish, Chaos and B j GOOD WORK! making this wiki world famous. I know most of you might ask why is an adult watching FT, here's news for …

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