I don't understand this part.

"When she was young, she was turned into a snake by an evil Mage. She was turned back by Makarov after the master realized that she was actually a human. Kinana had no recollection of being a snake when she was first turned back, but recently her memory as a snake has slowly resurfaced, in which she hears a voice asking to hear her thoughts.[1]"

Where did the series reveal this info. I watched and read again and again but found no reference whatsoever. Please tell me how you got info on Kinana because in the series all we know is that she is a waiter that says KINA.

Also where did ya get info on Chico=C=Hammitt and Wang ChanJi and Joy Fullbun, it wasn't revealed. And what happened to Tono Rabbits,Mikuni Shin,Mickey Chickentiger in the story. They disappeared. What the hell is happening.

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