I know some of you don't care about what I think, hear me out please. Maybe there were blogs similar to this in the past.

When I first heard of Fairy Tail, I saw it on the list of most popular anime and I just checked the description and I was like "Yeesh! A series with Magic! OMG!" then when my friend who reads ALL the top manga told me to watch it, I got curious and I just reread the summary. It sounded droll, like most summaries. "Lucy, who is a 17-year old mage blah blah blah met a man named Natsu blah blah blah. Sounds pretty normal.

Then I started watching the first episode subbed(dubbed was not there at that time). I was intrigued at the introduction and suspected that this wouldn't be entirely comical. Then I saw a blue cat flying towards the guild and I was like o_O, so this cat is important eh? When I first saw him I thought he would be smart since anime have relatively smart animals. Then came the OPENING SONG!!! That was a MEGA Shocker for me. The Art, the colour, the epicness, the suspense was enchanting.

Fairy Tail Opening 1 NC-BD Subs01:32

Fairy Tail Opening 1 NC-BD Subs

Here is my first impression on the song.- Ok, I didn't know there were actual fairies in this series. Oh so this pink-haired guy is the main character. So this must be Lucy from the description.(I didn't notice Plue at her feet) These houses are devastated. Who is this guy with a stripping fetish? He looks like a not too important side character. Why are the buildings destroyed? This scarlet haired-girl seems like those cool and powerful characters. Oooo There is that cat again! So he IS a main character after all. Now its confirmed all of them are on the same team. Then comes the raining scene. I know it was stupid of me but, THAT WAS THE FIRST TIME I NOTICED PLUE WAS THERE!!!!! I was like WTF is a Rave Master character doing here?! Is that girl connected to Ellie or something?! Yet ANOTHER GIRL?! Wait! So this silver haired girl is ALSO a main character?! Meaning there are 7 main characters?! OMG! And why is this so strangely nostalgic? Its too similar to Rave Master.(I didn't know that it was done by the same person) Ok the next few scenes are with them doing various jobs(seems like Naruto) Who is this Seigheart look-alike?! Why is Erza with him? Is she working for him? Oh, here are a few other characters(how many characters ARE there?! Who are those people with Plue? Why is everyone staring at the pink-haired guys fire bomb thing? Is that Demon-thing the main antagonist? Looks like it. Is that a DRAGON?! Why is the red-head fighting the scark guy? Is the Red-head a rival or a enemy or something?

Well, that's basically what I thought when I saw the song (True I was too Ecstasy filled to feel negative about it but this is a close to what I felt)

Then came the episode. I was like "WHAT?!" The Scarf guy has MOTION SICKNESS! LAME! Then came the Lucy seduction thing and I was like "Oh Shit! Not another perverted anime!" In the part where Lucy was telling Natsu about Fairy Tail, I was confused. The description says Natsu is from Fairy Tail, so why didn't he tell Lucy? Strange. When Lucy started to look at the magazine, I was like "Oh so this that girl from the OP, meh! She is a pin-up girl dammit!" Then after all those events it finally came to the battle. I was like "OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG! THIS IS SOOOO EPIC!!! The talk about Dragon Slayers, the Dragon Slayer animation and everything! Then came the part where they run away. OooooK why is he running away when he is a hero?


Well, sorry for any inconvenience but this is pretty much how I began my grand adventure with Fairy Tail. This is how "I" felt about Fairy Tail. What about you guys? What were your first impressions. Please give short not too detailed comments. I may already know your first impressions in certain cases but don't let that stop you. Thank You.

EDIT: I know most of you have some negativity towards some elements in FT and its characters but I on the other hand don't really care since it is an EPIC SERIES and nothing will ever change that. That's why I can't stand it when someone bad mouths FT. I know you guys say manga>anime but think about it. What kind of sane person would read the low quality manga(Mashima hadn't perfected his art when he started FT) when the EXTREMELY high Quality anime is there. So naturally people will think think the anime is the correct story even though the manga is COMPLETELY different. Once the series is finished and people come to see it they will watch the anime without reading the manga. So in their eyes the anime is the true story so that is why I say that Anime>manga and that ALL events in the anime are in fact correct(at least to them). So now you know why I don't like it when you stick to how the manga is and not to how the anime is. Of course don't take it too seriously. Just look towards the future.

P.S. At present I have seen many more anime(and plenty of them were horrible adaptations) than when I first made this blog and I admit my mistake. The anime got worse and worse after all. Sorry for any inconvenience. However one thing remains true. The anime-only fans don't get to experience the true story of most series and therefore believe the anime to be the correct version. I think the directors who adapt something wonderful and destroy it for budget reasons should be beaten with a sack of nickels >_>

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