Hey peoples! Long time no see! or was it no talk? interact? communicate? Apparently I haven't been on wiki since August 26th. Why? I started College! \(^_^)/

FT Wiki : No one cares.

( _ _)

Anyways.... I'm actually nearing the deadline of an assignment but screw it, I needed to type a blog. Oh hey! It's my 7th blog! In the context of this series, that means it is special right?! Destiny even?!

FT Wiki : GTFO weeb!

( ._.)

Ahem! So I went for a whole month without watching anime or reading my usual manga, because A) need to adjust to America, B) need to adjust to College life and C) need to make friends-

FT Wiki : Pfft! He thinks he can make friends.


Uh.... with all that going on, I have had a very uplifting experience. Not even gonna bother looking at my anime and manga backlog because I will literally faint so it's perfectly fine! >_> <_<


Anyways, that's it for now. This is just a way of saying I'm still alive and getting used to US College life. You can bring up topics from the past month if you feel the need, but otherwise, I can just reply to random questions. :P I read up on the Fairy Tail Wiki in Anime: Summer 2016 blog and comments, but since I stopped watching due to College, I cannot actually say much about anything. The only thing I am most updated on is Mob Psycho 100 and even that is because I skipped watching it when they were showing it at my club lol. I found that I can now download anime episodes directly from Funimation and other places for some reason on my new laptop, so that's a thing. Horriblesubs and torrents basically became redundant. Other than that, I am interested in quite a few series this new season but I'm seeing a lot of people unsatisfied and bored with the line-up. At this point, I'm watching anime for more than just entertainment value so it is fine for me, but yeah, would appreciate a discussion. :)


FT Wiki : Finally! Stay away longer this time, or better yet, KYS!

( X_X)

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