Yeah, yeah a review by me can never come to the level of the ones you guys write but hey, I felt like it. Please Bear with me and ignore the fact that I suck at coding and can't put any pictures or colour into the blog.

Okay! Well I saw bits of the raw version and believe me, you don't ever realize what the hell is going on when you watch only bits of a raw movie. I'll move on to the opening scenes. Yeah yeah big party(ceremony/ritual). Oh look! It got crashed! Boohoo people died(finally!) Yeah Eclair got transported away by a guy who DEFINITELY AVOIDED ALL THE SPEARS BUT STILL ENDED UP DYING!!! Da hell! Then we see her running to the hills(lol) but she suddenly collapses and miraculously survives the exhaustion, bleeding,trauma. This is where we have to go and watch the OAD, the movie prologue.

The story shifts to the actual main characters. An extremely funny battle takes place and apparently it was just a waste of energy since the snotty mayor only wanted the goose yes I know his name is Geese =P So they go home and for some strange reason FT seemed to have regained their guild building despite not yet having participated in the Daimatou Enbou. During this time it seems Makarov and all the guild masters had assembled at the council(did anyone else notice Master Bob and Goldmine's clothes?) then Makarov sends Gajeel and Lily to do what they do best. SPYING! Obviously if a guy can create kunai he is a NIN-NIN-Ninja!!! But wait! Since when was Lily also a spy?

We see some brat of a prince giving a mission to the elite members of a certain curbuncle dark guild(what a disgusting name for a guild, I'd hate to see their master) The 3 of them go and have some beer and the Leader Dist(the guy we saw in the OAD as a child) displays his AWESOME Magic that seems very similar to Jellal's original magic (the one he used on the slave-drivers) It seems Gajeel when all Secret Agent style and pretended to have a pint while listening to the conversation in the bar.

Lucy stumbles on Eclair, she takes her and Momon to the guild. She acts cold due to hating mages but Charle suddenly explains her vision(since when did she start being so open about telling random people her premonitions O_O) Anyways Eclair decides to go to this boundary forest and as random as that sounds, there is apparently a very good reason for that name. Eclair decides to go to this dangerous forest anyways but as WE ALL KNOW Plot Armour came into the mix and yes, it ended up with the Team Natsu tagging along as well.

They arrive in the Middle-Eastern type city and everyone goes around having fun and getting into trouble.


1.Erza goes shopping and guess the only thing that caught her eye? A WEDDING DRESS! I SENSE A TROLL IN THE MOVIE TEAM! Anyways this allowed us to see how Erza stores her armour. She actually has a holographic INTERFACE so she just drags the clothes into the folder. Iron-man anyone? Actually, this seems identical to Aikatsu(a new anime that's running these days, and no I don't watch it)

2.Wendy goes to a shooting range(WTF Wendy! I thought you hated violence!) And a bigger surprise. SHE CHEATED! Then she cutely apologized like crazy for her deed. Seriously Wendy, are you that sore for having bad aim?

3.Lucy(who provides the perverted fans with some fanservice) and Eclair get attacked by a awesome carbuncle member who for once shows us what a true Dark Guild Assassin should look like. Not a pathetic owl or hairy guy or kimono-loving bitch. That was an epic chase!

The group goes to the forest, the monsters were super weak, but at least they provided comical support. So anyway, they go through a boundary(boundary forest get it?) and it triggers some ancient house to open up a trap door. It is revealed that Eclair lived there and her father who had left a communication lachrima told her of her mission. Later they return to the guild and decide to help Eclair. Suddenly they get attacked by the elites from Carbuncle and everyone including Mira get pawned. Jet proves that he is completely useless. Eclair is kidnapped. Or should it be old-woman-napped? Hmm...

Anyways FT decides to send in an elite strike team to infiltrate the Kingdom of Veronica. Hmm...isn't this strangely similar to infiltrating a certain Castle in Crocus? The battles begin right from the start and turn out magnificently and Natsu, being off-screen, gets beaten up like he always does when lacking nakama-power. Erza's battle was da best! So the gist is that, in order to cancel the magic, the user should have little will in it. So the reason the Bridal gown remained was because SHE STRONGLY WISHED TO BE MARRIED!!!(I'm sure a certain blue-haired boy who was hiding in a cave somewhere got a strange feeling of uneasiness)

Gajeel Vs. Assassin-guy was epic as well. The part where Gajeel was implaled from the inside was unbelievable since I thought that was considered "too brutal to be aired" but it turns out he can break metal in his body simply by flexing all his muscles. did anyone else feel that the Assassin should have definitely died for that blow?

Moving on. The ritual takes place and as expected Dist lives up to what he said to Eclair in the past and decides to take the power for himself. It turns out that the people in ancient times had extremely bad eyesight since the Phoenix statues looked NOTHING like the monstrosity that emerged. All sorts of thing happen and we get a scene from the beginning of the movie that was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT! Anyways the rest of FT shows up, including LAXUS!!! O YEAH! Master Makarov stole a magic arrow from the council that will kill the phoenix and anyone who drank the phoenix tears, meaning Eclair. Oh, and Natsu beat Dist(no surprise there) Lucy begged them not to shoot the arrow but Eclair consented and so the Phoenix was shot by Erza who used a NEW REQUIP!!! but despite being shot the Phoenix continued firing its Bijuudama wish would destroy the planet. Damn! Another movie where they save the world and no-one gives a shit. Typical anime. Anyways Eclair uses plot armour and talks to Natsu, who smashes the arrow into the phoenix, thus effectively killing it and Eclair. An extremely emotional scene follows with Eclair's soul thanking everyone and rejoining with momon and transforming into a phoenix and parting to heaven(if there is a heaven in FT)

Movie being over, we see the typical Ending of anime movies, depicting the silent, still images of what happened in the after-math. The prince is still left hanging(lol, get it?) We get a 7-year time-skip version of what usually happens when Makarov gets scolded by the coucil. Erza instructing the rebuilding of the guild. Natsu and Gajeel start trying to make the other eat their element.(Did anyone else notice that Levy's face was drawn in a "moe" fashion?) Natsu looks at Lucy since he was surprised to see her smiling.(there you go NaLu fans) The final scene is of Lucy as she is wandering through the town and notices spiritual particles and looks to see the souls of Momon and Eclair with her parents as a child. They disappear and Lucy is left smiling.(And I'm left crying TT_TT)

All-in-all a Great movie! Though I expected more from the Phoenix. So far the only thing Phoenix-like about it was that it would re-spawn from the ashes of the destroyed world.

Well hope you survived this incredibly(well not that much) long review. See ya.

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