The Latest Chapter just came out. We see that the other contestant's magic. It was one weird battle after another. Beth tried to hit Gray with stupid carrots,something I expected the guy in the bunny suit to do. Yeager took her out and was immediately knocked out by Lyon. Then Juvia jumped down from the ceiling like an assassin, blinded Lyon with her panties and kicked him. There was a funny scene where FT A & B was thinking about what to force the other team to do if they lose, Juvia's decision was obvious but the other one's were so funny HAHAHAHAHAHA =D.

Well anyway Nulpting or 'spiky pudding'(I like to call him that) rammed the two Fairies down. Eve uses his snow to find the targets. Then Rufus(bastard) looks down upon them like insects and uses creation magic to wipe them out. Only spiky Pudding dodges and tries to attack but to no avail. Rufus uses memory magic to make a hologram memory and defeats him. He continues to blabber on about how easy it is.

FT was last place, Gray with no points whatsoever. The crowd taunts him and FT gets pissed off. Gray strips and plans revenge(typical)

Now the 'battle' begins. Lucy VS. the sadistic,evil and insulting 'Flare Corona'(damn her to hell)

The pics that come at the end are confusing. Are they true colours or fanmade. I like the colours don't get me wrong but weren't they different few chapters back. Well I hope you like the review even though I put my own opinion.

Oh yeah, I think Raven Tail has something to do with the organizers. Spiky pudding keeps finding Gray and Lucy happened to fight Flare. Maybe Iwan has a master scheme involving the grand magic games and revenge on Ft and the world. They might become a dark guild again in the end unless FT KILLS Iwan.

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