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  • Fairy Tail Grand Master

    Hey peoples! Long time no see! or was it no talk? interact? communicate? Apparently I haven't been on wiki since August 26th. Why? I started College! \(^_^)/

    FT Wiki : No one cares.

    ( _ _)

    Anyways.... I'm actually nearing the deadline of an assignment but screw it, I needed to type a blog. Oh hey! It's my 7th blog! In the context of this series, that means it is special right?! Destiny even?!

    FT Wiki : GTFO weeb!

    ( ._.)

    Ahem! So I went for a whole month without watching anime or reading my usual manga, because A) need to adjust to America, B) need to adjust to College life and C) need to make friends-

    FT Wiki : Pfft! He thinks he can make friends.


    Uh.... with all that going on, I have had a very uplifting experience. Not even gonna bother loo…

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  • Fairy Tail Grand Master

    Yeah, yeah a review by me can never come to the level of the ones you guys write but hey, I felt like it. Please Bear with me and ignore the fact that I suck at coding and can't put any pictures or colour into the blog.

    Okay! Well I saw bits of the raw version and believe me, you don't ever realize what the hell is going on when you watch only bits of a raw movie. I'll move on to the opening scenes. Yeah yeah big party(ceremony/ritual). Oh look! It got crashed! Boohoo people died(finally!) Yeah Eclair got transported away by a guy who DEFINITELY AVOIDED ALL THE SPEARS BUT STILL ENDED UP DYING!!! Da hell! Then we see her running to the hills(lol) but she suddenly collapses and miraculously survives the exhaustion, bleeding,trauma. This is wh…

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  • Fairy Tail Grand Master

    Hi everyone! Long time no see! Also I welcome anyone who joined during my absence. Sorry if I didn't reply to any messages but I was having exams and I lost my computer privileges and using the phone to edit wiki is a pain in the ass. MY EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!!!!!!! My years of studying are finally done!!! YAY!!! XDXDXD

    Alright now down to business. I'm back but sadly I have missed too many anime, manga, movies and games during these few months TT_TT so I will not be coming to wikia unless I am interested in getting some extra info on the FT series. Also I am sorry if any of you got offended by me and I was unable to patch things up. Well, I apologize from the very bottom of my heart. Hope you guys had fun.

    Merry Christmas and a happy new …

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  • Fairy Tail Grand Master

    I know some of you don't care about what I think, hear me out please. Maybe there were blogs similar to this in the past.

    When I first heard of Fairy Tail, I saw it on the list of most popular anime and I just checked the description and I was like "Yeesh! A series with Magic! OMG!" then when my friend who reads ALL the top manga told me to watch it, I got curious and I just reread the summary. It sounded droll, like most summaries. "Lucy, who is a 17-year old mage blah blah blah met a man named Natsu blah blah blah. Sounds pretty normal.

    Then I started watching the first episode subbed(dubbed was not there at that time). I was intrigued at the introduction and suspected that this wouldn't be entirely comical. Then I saw a blue cat flying to…

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  • Fairy Tail Grand Master

    I don't understand this part.

    "When she was young, she was turned into a snake by an evil Mage. She was turned back by Makarov after the master realized that she was actually a human. Kinana had no recollection of being a snake when she was first turned back, but recently her memory as a snake has slowly resurfaced, in which she hears a voice asking to hear her thoughts.[1]"

    Where did the series reveal this info. I watched and read again and again but found no reference whatsoever. Please tell me how you got info on Kinana because in the series all we know is that she is a waiter that says KINA.

    Also where did ya get info on Chico=C=Hammitt and Wang ChanJi and Joy Fullbun, it wasn't revealed. And what happened to Tono Rabbits,Mikuni Shin,Mick…

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