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Chapter 348 review

Genius: Let's finish this so I can eat dinner.

Everyone: OK

Genius: Alright!

______________________________ So after the fight in chapter 347, Flare talks about her past. After that, Gray became a TOTALLY cute child. Then he went to fight with a guy who was UGLIER than Nikki Manaj. (Did I spell it right?) Next, the war began with the two. Then, I think Ur was talking to him and she was nude! So far, I think that the next chapter will go like this:

1. Gray wins the battle and is an adult again. I guess...

2. Erza attemps to fight Minerva even though she is little.

3. I THINK the demon will appear


Genius: Ya happy? If not, I'll chop off your head and feed it to the zombies so you will NEVER return.

Everyone: Um.. Yeah...

Genius: Good! :)

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